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FoamPartner joins Recticel


FoamPartner Wolfhausen, CH
Headquarter of the FoamPartner Group

FoamPartner Duderstadt, DE
Converting Center

FoamPartner Delmenhorst, DE

FoamPartner Leverkusen, DE

Products & Solution – Videos

Living & Care –
All-in-One Service

生活与护理 - 盒装床垫

Green Roof Systems
VIRIdiVITA premium roof

Sponges –
Trends in Janitorial Cleaning (en)

Sponges –
CelluPlus Explained (en)

Sponges –
CelluPlus Benefits (en)


Company Brochures

Corporate Portrait
Portfolio Catalogue
FoamPartner Americas Company Overview
Sustainability Principle
Innovative Product Solutions With Sustainable Value

Product Brochures

Acoustic & Thermal Solutions

RegiSeal® – Sealing Solutions

Automotive Rolls

OBoSky® – Headliners


OBoSonic® – Molded Parts


Specialties | Image Brochure
RegiSeal® – Sealing Solutions
EVERLIGHT MORAN – Sealing Solutions
General Packing Solutions
B 2240 Eco – Sustainable Packaging Solutions
RegiCell® – Ceramic Filter Foams
Microphone Windshields
Hydra Sponge Portfolio (only available in USA)
CelluPlusTM – Cleaning Sponge

Living & Care

AventO2® – Premium Comfort Foam
EvoPoreHRC® – Premium Comfort Foam
EvoPoreHRC® für Reisemobile
EvoPoreVHRC – Royal Sleeping Comfort
Oboflex® – Comfort Foam
ViscoPore – Premium Comfort Foam
WATERGEL® – Premium Comfort Foam

EcovativeTM Data Sheets

Innovative Product Solutions With Sustainable Value
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – B 2240 Eco
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – Bolasto® W 800
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – CelluPlusTM
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – ComfoPUR® W Range
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – EvoPoreTM HRC & VHRC
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – OBoSky® Range
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – OBoSonic® B 140
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – RegiSeal® Acoustic SMS
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – RegiSeal® e-Thermo
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – RegiSeal® TN & Aqua

证书 - 通用



California Proposition 65

The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act

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