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CelluPlusTM – Cleaning Sponge

Novel sponge foam with cellulose-like cleaning & wiping behavior. Delivered in customized industrial formats, special shapes & die cuts in combination with other materials, such as abrasive & non-abrasive non-wovens.

The latest contribution to our large sponge portfolio, and unique to the market, is the innovative foam CelluPlus which has been especially developed for janitorial applications. This novel foam is an ideal alternative to cellulose, as it offers hydrophilic properties for excellent water absorption and dry wiping & cleaning behaviour, similar to a cellulose sponge, but with a much higher durability as it does not disintegrate with time. It also prevents mold growth, unpleasant odors, and drying out over time.

Our customers benefit from one of the world‘s widest ranges of color-proof sponge foams. Thanks to their hydrophilic nature, our foam sponges have excellent absorption and retention properties, thus making cleaning practical and efficient. Their special absorbency is seen not only through the wiping away of dirt and moisture, but also in the soaking up of liquids.

CelluPlus – Product Films

Trends in Janitorial Cleaning

CelluPlus explained

CelluPlus Benefits

CelluPlus Household Sponge – Applications

Waschbarer Spülschwamm

Kitchen Sponge

Excellent cleaning behavior for dishes and all kind of kitchen tools & countertops, such as stainless steel, ceran hob, granite kitchen plate, etc.


Bathroom Sponge

Ideally suited for cleaning of bathroom surfaces, such as ceramic, tiles, glass & mirror, etc.


All-purpose Sponge

CelluPlus can be used for practically all cleaning requirements of everyday spills.

CelluPlus Cleaning Sponge – Properties

Excellent water absorption

Thanks to the hydrophilic material properties, the absorption of the CelluPlus foam is 20 times of its dry weight.

Perfect wiping and cleaning behaviour

CelluPlus performs similar to cellulose sponges and takes up stains and spills effectively, often with only one wipe.

Higher durability

In comparison to cellulose sponges, CelluPlus has a much longer lifetime due its higher material resistance. The product does not crumble or disintegrate with time.

No unpleasant smell

CelluPlus does not trap residue and particles which normally happens with cellulose sponges. The CelluPlus material by itself prevents the growth of moulds, thus no unpleasant odor occurs.


Hygiene in the kitchen is of central importance to prevent food-borne infections. A preventive protection against the spread of germs is to wash your cleaning sponge frequently. CelluPlus foam is washable up to 75°C.

Readily available

Cellulose is subject to fluctuations on the global supply market. The raw materials used in the production of CelluPlus are not scarce and therefore are much less exposed to price volatility.

CelluPlus – Product Variations & Converting Possibilities

Possible colors

Erhältlich in verschiedenen Farben

Yellow, orange, pink and nature can be produced upon request*

Shapes & Contours

Erhältlich in vielen Formen & Konturen

Sponges and cloths in special die cuts are possible, e.g. rectangular, oval, wave-shaped, with grip groove

Material combinations

Vielfältige Material-Kombinationen

E.g. with abrasive, soft or universal non-wovens

Consumer packaging

Kundenspezifische Verpackung & Branding

We recommend cardboard banderole, e.g. with gloss or recycling paper (Foil tube packaging upon request)

Advantages & Customer Benefits

    Main properties Cellulose foam
Polyurethane foam CelluPlusTM
Performance Water absorption
Cleaning & dirt pick up
Wiping behavior
Sustainability Raw materials
Highly polluting
Clean process
Clean process
Long service live
Long service live
Commercial Supply security
Broadly available
Broadly available

Application Examples

Sustainable Product

CelluPlus has been awarded with the proprietary Ecovative label

The Ecovative label stands for our promise “Best in Foam - Sustainable through Innovation” and is our award for innovative product solutions with special sustainable and economic value:

  • Resource conservation  High material efficiency through longer lifetime due to improved hydrolytic stability and material resistance.
  • Clean production process  Simple one-step-process with reproduceable results, much less polluting process in comparison to cellulose.
  • Health protection  Much less susceptible to mold growth due to the chemical structure of the PUR foam.
  • People safety  Can be machine washed to kill harmful germs and bacteria and to maintain hygiene in bath & kitchen.
  • Optimized functionality  Excellent water absorption thanks while providing perfect wiping and cleaning behavior similar to cellulose sponges.

Downloads & Infos

CelluPlusTM – Cleaning Sponge
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – CelluPlusTM

Technical Data

The product is available in the colors yellow, pink and nature. We deliver CelluPlus in customized industrial formats, special shapes and die cuts in combination with other materials, such as abrasive and non-abrasive non-wovens.

Product *Density Net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Pore structure
CelluPlus 55 - 75 6.5 - 9.0 >150 >120 Medium to coarse
(similar to cellulose sponge)

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.