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Foams with unique, nontoxic flame retardants

Flame retardants are intended to limit, slow or prevent the spread of fires. They are used in a wide range of industries for flammable materials and prefabricated parts. Working closely with the EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), FoamPartner has developed a flame retardant for foams that meets your specific fire protection needs. It is halogen-free, emission-free and, for the first time, nontoxic. This unique development has been patented.

Green Roof

For a green future

Green plants provide important benefits for the ecosystem, such as improving the microclimate and retaining and storing rainwater. We help you make a healthy urban climate a reality. How? With Green Roof.

FoamPartner has jointly created a unique product for greening roofs that also offers impressive water retention capacity. More than 97 percent of rainwater can be retained and then gradually fed into the drainage system. This process prevents flooding and overflowing drains in your roof greening project.

The foam mats are very lightweight –  when saturated with water, they weigh just 2.5 kilograms per square meter, which makes them suitable even for retrofitting older roofs with green systems.

Thanks to the low superstructure weight, new buildings can be structurally optimized and renovations can be equipped with plantings. The water retention provides natural cooling for the building and its surroundings.


The best solution for your sealing needs in the vehicle industry

RegiSeal offers a permanent super-tight seal, has impressive hydrolysis stability and conserves resources.

RegiSealAqua is an innovative solution that was developed according to the highest automotive standards – such as DBL 5450 – and demonstrates outstanding sealing performance in U-tube tests. Durability, which is essential for every sealing application, is also guaranteed by RegiSealAqua’s high level of hydrolysis stability. Because of its extremely small cell structure, the system is also airtight and watertight.

When you use RegiSealAqua, you benefit from its exemplary functioning with low material consumption as well as significantly reduced compression. Despite the minimal compression, this lightweight product achieves excellent results. RegiSealAqua cuts material usage by 40 percent and is cost-effective, saving more than 50 percent of the usual cost.

Watertight – Cost-effective – Reliable – Hydrolysis stable – Durable – Low density – Meets the highest emission standards – Excellent climate resistance – High chemical resistance


Sustainable products for a better world

In one of FoamPartner’s latest unique sponge innovations, specific antimicrobial properties prevent unpleasant odors. The second sponge is impressive especially because it is even more sustainable –the foam and fleece as well as the packaging are made from recycled raw materials.

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