Foam Packaging

CARPENTER announces acquisition of
Recticel Engineered Foams Division
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Foam Packaging – Customized and Impressive

As a manufacturer of foam packaging, we develop and produce customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements

Whether you're looking for a tailor-made suitcase, bespoke cosmetic packaging, custom-fit side padding and foam trays or other customized foam solutions, our experts create innovative, impressive foam packaging made from polyethylene and polyurethane foam. Not only do these products protect the packaged goods from damage, they also have an attractive packaging design to fully enhance the value of your products.

NEW: Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The new packaging foam B 2240 Eco actively contributes to the saving of resources, setting a clear signal in matters of sustainability. Its excellent goods protection properties plus its high degree of flexibility make it the perfect packaging solution for your premium products.

Foam Inserts

Custom-fit and Tailor-made

Our foam packaging provides the optimal combination of excellent packaging protection with an appealing, attractive presentation. We develop and manufacture tailor-made foam inserts with the most sophisticated shapes and contours.

Case Inserts

Wide Assortment

We make individual case inserts, tailored to your needs and requirements. You can get custom foam inserts for presentation cases and boxes, cartons and small goods cases as well as for any other type of container. And we also have a wide range of colours, of course.

Cosmetic Packaging

Attractive & Customized

In order to present exclusive cosmetic products in the best possible way and at the same time protect them from damage and external factors, we offer custom-fit, attractive cosmetic packaging made of foam.

Foam Packaging

Tailor-made Development

With our know-how and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to meet virtually any packaging requirement. No matter whether you want large or small parts, or whether your packaging needs to be colorful or discreet, rough or fine – we provide impressive, creative solutions.

Sales Packaging

A Lasting Impression

The first step toward every success is always the presentation of a product, because it is the first impression that counts. To impress your customers over the long term, we develop attractive, tailor-made foam packaging for you based on your individual ideas.

Foam Transport Packaging

Outstanding Protection

Our smart transport packaging made of foam is excellent for protecting your goods against damaging external influences in the course of shipping, storage or logistics. For bulk transport, we offer special load carriers made of expanded polyethylene foam (EPE).

Packaging Solutions made of Foam – Application Examples


Foam Packaging

Tailor-made inserts

Sales & presentation packaging

Transport packaging


Custom packaging

Technical Data

Custom Foam Packaging made of Polyethylen & Polyether PUR

Product Product Group *Density Net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
ETHAFOAM EF 220 Polyethylen foam 35 >110 165
ETHAFOAM EF 220 AS Polyethylen foam 35 >110 213
ETHAFOAM EF 400 Polyethylen foam 57 >170 296
ETHAFOAM EF 4101 SE Polyethylen foam 35 >115 310
ETHAFOAM EF 700 Polyethylen foam 105 >400 718
ETHAFOAM EF 900 Polyethylen foam 146 >700 758
FLEXATHEN FT/EZ 35 Polyethylen foam 35 >180 615
FLEXATHEN FT/PZ 24 FR Polyethylen foam 24 >115 260
FLEXATHEN FT/PZ 29 Polyethylen foam 29 >131 375
FLEXATHEN FT/PZ 30 SD Polyethylen foam 30 >147 391
FLEXATHEN FT/PZ 33 Polyethylen foam 33 >137 440
FLEXATHEN FT/PZ 45 Polyethylen foam 45 >170 560
FLEXATHEN FT/PZ 45 FR Polyethylen foam 45 >159 435
FLEXATHEN FT/PZ 70 Polyethylen foam 70 >248 733
FLEXATHEN FT/XPE 25 Polyethylen foam 25 >88 130
FLEXATHEN FT/XPE 33 Polyethylen foam 33 >98 176
FLEXATHEN FT/XPE 45 Polyethylen foam 45 >142 240
FLEXATHEN FT/XVA 45 Polyethylen foam 45 >80 215
STRATOCELL S Polyethylen foam 30 >91 318
SYNERGY P2 Polyethylen foam 33 >115 220
SYNERGY P3 Polyethylen foam 45 >140 296
SYNERGY P4 Polyethylen foam 64 >210 310
AF 2512 Polyether PUR foam 25 1,5 180
AS 21 rosa Polyether PUR foam
21 4,0 140
B 1625 Polyether PUR foam 16 2,5 >70
B 1840 Polyether PUR foam 18 3,5 >80
B 2240 Polyether PUR foam 22 4,0 >100
B 2240 Eco Polyether PUR foam 22 4,0 >100
B 2550 Polyether PUR foam 25 4,5 >90
HDH 35100 Polyether PUR foam 32 11,0 280
HL 2551 Polyether PUR foam 25 5,1 130
LM 2033 Polyether PUR foam 20 3,0 150
LMW 2027 Polyether PUR foam 20 2,7 130
LT 3541 Polyether PUR foam 35 4,1 150
LTH 3547 Polyether PUR foam 35 4,7 150
MTC 3039 Polyether PUR foam 30 3,9 150
RegiSealAqua Prepolymer polyether
PUR foam
32 11,0 >110

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