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Sustainable Packaging Solutions made from the Innovative B 2240 Eco Foam

Sustainability Through Resource-saving Packaging Foams

With the new packaging foam B 2240 Eco we aim to save resources. We have developed an innovative polyurethane based on new raw materials, thus assuring our market position as a manufacturer of resource-saving packaging solutions. In the production of B 2240 Eco, we use raw materials that contain 20% less petroleum than comparable, conventional materials. The sustainable proportion of the finished product ultimately amounts to more than 12%. With that, we are sending a clear signal in matters of sustainability – true to our principle "People, Planet & Performance".

This packaging foam naturally has the same goods protection properties as conventional materials, and thanks to its high degree of flexibility, is perfect for a number of usages such as transport packaging for delicate or valuable goods, load carriers and reusable packaging as well as for premium foam inserts and elegant product packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Foams – Properties

Responsible manufacturing

In the development and production of the packaging foam B 2240 Eco, great value is placed on saving resources. That is why raw materials containing 20% less petroleum come into use.

Sustainable proportion of the foam is more than 12%

The higher the proportion of sustainability in a product, the better it is for the environment. The new B 2240 Eco is a winner with a strong 12%, sending a clear signal in matters of environmental protection.

Simple processing for use in diverse packaging solutions

The packaging foam B 2240 Eco is particularly easy to process. That allows for quick manufacturing processes and precise customization to a wide variety of packaging forms.

Long lifespan

The durability of the new B 2240 Eco is impressive. Its outstanding resilience and its high elasticity guarantee a long lifespan, even with frequent or rigorous usage. Another plus point for environmental protection.

Resource-saving Packaging Solutions – Application Examples

Downloads & Infos

B 2240 Eco – Sustainable Packaging Solutions
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – B 2240 Eco

Technical Data

The sustainable foam B 2240 Eco is available in charcoal gray.

Product *Density net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Compression set
DIN ISO 1856 (50 %, 70°C, 22 h)
Bun height net
B 2240 Eco 22 ± 2 4,0 ± 1,0 ≥ 100 ≥ 120 ≤ 10 2040
(Tolerance: -0/+ 30 mm)

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