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Foam-Based Green Roof Systems

Innovative Green Roofing with Water Storage Mats of Polyurethane Foam

Green roof systems made of foam are particularly light in weight. That makes them ideal for intensive green roofing on flat or pitched roofs. They also provide for an easy, cost-effective installation on any roof. Lightweight green roof systems have an impressively long lifespan.

The polyurethane water storage mats have high water absorption capacity while diverting excess water. This keeps plants from becoming waterlogged. The ideal prerequisite for roof vegetation with turf, shrubbery or hedges as well as mosses, succulents, flowers or herbs.

The combined system of retention and drainage mats amounts to a thickness of just 70mm and is capable of water storage up to 42 l/m2. With a substrate layer, this can be increased up to 60 l/m2. For improved plant care and well-balanced environmental conditions. The integrated drainage layer safely protects the roof and increases the lifespan of the roof insulation.

Construction of an Intensive Roof Greening

With water storage mats of polyurethane

In the case of intensive roof greening, a water storage mat is laid on the roof membrane, which is then covered with a layer of substrate needed for vegetation. The water storage mat is equipped with the special foams HyPore Roof and TCL 40100, which store rain water to a certain extent, but also release excess water to prevent waterlogging of the plants. The foam HyPore Roof acts as a storage medium in the retention layer and TCL 40100 as a filter material in the drainage layer. The water storage mat has a total thickness of only 7 cm.

In application tests with external partners and test institutes, the company VIRIdiVITA has carried out precipitation simulations to evaluate the retention capacity and storage potential of the water storage mat.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Water retention capacity: 42 l/m2
  • Water discharge coefficient (C-value): 0.023
  • Precipitation retention: 97.7%

Green Roof Systems enliven Urban Spaces

A Green Roof System for Every Roof

Advantages & Customer Benefits

Polyurethane foams offer numerous advantages over other materials, such as non-woven, mineral or stone wool, along the entire product life cycle - from manufacture to application and disposal. The HyPore Roof and TCL 40100 foams have been specially developed for the VIRIdiVITA premium roof water storage mats and offer the following properties.

Easy to Install

HyPore Roof and TCL 40100 are available already bonded as a combined retention and drainage mat with a material thickness of 70 mm. The mat can be cut to any desired size without special equipment, making installation extremely easy.


The water storage mat is particularly light, so that the mat in dry condition only weights 2.5 kg/m2 and in saturated condition 44.5 kg/m2. The substrate adds 92.5 kg/m2 and 110.5 kg/m2 respectively. This makes the lightweight roof greening system particularly suitable for flat and pitched roofs.


VIRIdiVITA premium roof water storage mats have a service life of about 30 years. 


It does not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste, as is the case with other materials, but can be recycled via the waste cycle management system.

Water Storage Mat with Retention Layer and Drainage Layer

Water storage mat VIRIdiVITA premium roof with HyPore Roof retention layer (upper sheet) and TCL 40100 drainage layer (lower sheet)

Easy Installation of the Water Storage Mats

Easy installation of the VIRIdiVITA premium roof water storage mats is guaranteed thanks to handy sheets in the dimensions 200 x 100 x 7cm

Downloads & Infos

Innovative Roof Greening for Better Ecology, Climate and Economy
Water storage systems based on special polyurethane foams

Technical Data

Product Properties Test Method Hypore Roof TCL 40100
*Density net [kg/m3]
DIN EN ISO 845 28 28
*Compression load [kPa]
DIN EN ISO 3386-1 20 10
Tensile strength [kPa]
DIN EN ISO 1798 150 150
Elongation at break [%]
DIN EN ISO 1798 30 60
Air flow [l/(m2+s)] at 200 Pa DIN EN ISO 9237 600 4500
Water retention [g] RPA-1010 350 -

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.

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