CARPENTER announces acquisition of
Recticel Engineered Foams Division
(formerly FoamPartner)

Sealing Solutions & Systems made from Foam

Specialty seals & industrial seals for reliable sealing solutions against liquids & moisture, air & gases, dirt & dust, sound, vibration & heat

Sealing Systems to protect your assemblies and complex systems permanently against accidental penetration and leakage of moisture due to water, oil and other liquids, gases and fine particles. Our fine pore specialized seals are not only air and water tight, protect against dust, dirt, sound, vibration and heat, but are also easy to compress. In addition, they are resistant to the effects of climate and weather.

As a seal manufacturer, we use innovative sealing technology. Our foam seals meet today's demands for modern, long-lasting specialty seals. They are available to you in a wide range of different applications and sectors, such as in the automotive, equipment, construction and aerospace industries.

Sealing Solutions for Technical Products

Our Specialty Seals & Industrial Seals provide

  • Sealing against liquids and moisture
  • Sealing against air and gases
  • Sealing against sound and vibration
  • Sealing against dirt and dust
  • Sealing against heat

Sealing Solutions

Our technical foam experts will be happy to advise you

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