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Efficient and Sustained Protection with the Newest Generation of Low-Emission Sealing Systems

Sustainably protect your assemblies and complex systems against the unintentional penetration and leakage of moisture, such as water, oil and other liquids, as well as gases and fine particles. Our RegiSeal sealing solutions are not only airtight and watertight and offer protection against dirt, dust, sound, vibration and heat, but are easily compressible as well. They are also hydrolytically stable and durable.

With RegiSeal, you choose an innovative sealing technology based on state-of-the-art polyurethane foam technology. Our fine-pored and supple RegiSeal products meet today's demands for durable special seals and are used in many different sectors such as the automotive, appliance & machine and construction industries.

Reliable Sealing Solutions – Features

Excellent Sealing

Extremely airtight and watertight due to the fine porous cell structure with its reliable performance. Sustained protection against liquids and volatile compounds, as well as dirt, dust, sound, vibration and heat.

Low Emission Characteristics

Practically odourless and emission-free thanks to low VOC values in accordance with VDA 278. Thermal desorption analysis is used for both the qualitative and quantitative determination of potential migrating substances in materials installed in vehicle interiors.

Long Service Life

Extremely durable thanks to the high material resistance and hydrolysis stability in accordance with Daimler regulation DBL 5450. This ageing simulation allows the continuous usage characteristics to be evaluated over long periods of time.

Efficient Fire Protection

Self-extinguishing in accordance with FMVSS 302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard). This internationally acknowledged test method examines the requirements for the combustibility of materials in the passenger cabins of motor vehicles.

Application Examples – Sealings with RegiSeal

Applications – Special Sealing Solutions



Machines & White Goods

Low Emission Values

The VOC and FOG measured values according to VDA 278 for RegiSeal products lie far below the DBL 5450 limit values.

The VOC/FOG values refer to typical average measured values.

Downloads & Infos

RegiSeal® – Sealing Solutions
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – RegiSeal® TN & Aqua

Technical Data

All RegiSeal products are available as blocks, sheets and converted parts. The products from the RegiSeal® TN family are also available as rolls.

Product Product group *Density net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
ISO 9237
RegiSeal Aqua Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 30 11,0 >100 60 0** --
RegiSeal TN 25 FR Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 25 3,5 100 130 5** --
RegiSeal TN 25 FR X Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 25 3,5 100 130 100** --
RegiSeal TN 30 FR Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 33 4,5 100 130 20** --
RegiSeal TN 30 FR LF Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 33 5,0 >200 >125 250** --
RegiSeal TN 30 FR TS Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 33 5,0 160 130 10** --
RegiSeal TN 30 FR VT Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 33 7,0 100 95 5** --
RegiSeal TN 30 FR X Prepolymer polyether PUR foams 33 5,0 90 90 100** --
RegiSeal 40 Polyester PUR foam 42 5,5 >200 >130 -- 24 h
RegiSeal 40 FR Polyester PUR foam 40 5,0 >160 >150 -- 24 h
RegiSeal 50 FR Polyester PUR foam 49 5,0 >180 >170 -- 24 h

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.

** (10 mm, 50 Pa)

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