Ether-based Prepolymer for innovative Headliners

OBoSky® is the solution for modern headliners: regular surfaces, soft-touch feel, and improved interior climate make for enthusiastic consumers. Automobile manufacturers benefit from simple processing, long service life, and efficient use of material.

FoamPartner has developed a new foam technology based on an ether-based prepolymer to meet the increased requirements in the automotive sector, and in particular for headliners. This new patented technology* combines, so to speak, the advantages of ester-based polyurethane foams with the properties of ether-based materials. The new products from the OBoSky family are therefore not only hydrolytically stable with low emissions and minimum odour, but also have good flame lamination characteristics as well as an extremely homogeneous cell structure, with which ideal surface results can be achieved.

* Patents have been granted in various countries, such as in China ZL200580022817.8), Japan (4885847), USA (9,023,907)

OBoSky Product Benefits

Roofliner structure with OBoSky

Roofliner structure with OBoSky

Headliners for Automotive Manufacturers

Headliners for Automotive Manufacturers
Ideal Surface Structure

Extremely homogeneous cell structure with very fine pores, comparable with ester-based PUR foams. Also suitable for textiles with a low basis weight.

Simple Processing

Good flame and adhesive lamination properties.

Long Life Cycle

Excellent hydrolytic stability and material resistance in full compliance with Daimler standard DBL 5450.

Odourless and Low Emission Characteristics

Fulfils the emission and odour test pursuant to Daimler standard DBL 5450 in accordance with measurement methods VDA 278 and VDA 270.

Efficient Material Set

Unique 120 m block technology results in 50% fewer adhesive seams.

Made-to-Measure Assortment

Available in various densities, with or without flame retardancy in accordance with FMVSS 302.

Global Availability

Available in rolls worldwide in Europe, Asia and USA.

Improved Vehicle Interior Climate

Low-emission, low-odor components

Sustainability aspects are an increasingly significant factor in consumer decisions. Many buyers today opt for eco-friendly alternatives when buying a car as well. Not only a low-emission drive system plays a role here, but also an improved vehicle interior climate. Automotive manufacturers are therefore increasingly looking for odourless components with the smallest possible volatile organic content.

Greater demands on comfort and quality

Fewer and fewer customers want to buy a car straight out of the showroom. Just as crucial to many car buyers as low fuel consumption are driving comfort and a stylish interior design. High-quality materials with even surfaces and a soft-touch feeling contribute to the feel-good experience. For automotive manufacturers, it is naturally important that such materials not only look appealing, but are also durable and easy to process.

Homogeneous cell structure with fine pores

Low emission values

The VOC and fogging content of OBoSky 2950 T lies far below the thresholds for DBL 5450.

The VOC/FOG values refer to typical average measured values.

Technical Data

Product *Density net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Compression set
DIN ISO 1856
OBoSky 2950 T 30 4,0 >90 >130 <7
OBoSky 2950T Basic 29 5,0 >90 >130 <7
OBoSky 2950 C ** 30 4,0 >90 >130 <7
OBoSky 4248 T 42 4,8 >90 >150 <7
OBoSky 4270 T 42 7,0 >150 >100 <7
OBoSky 3540 T 35 4,0 >90 >150 <6
Product Fine Pore Structure
Hydrolytic stability
DBL 5450
Low Emissions
VDA 278
DBL 5450
Flame Retardancy
OEM Approval
OBoSky 2950 T Daimler
OBoSky 2950T Basic     GM
OBoSky 2950 C ** Daimler
OBoSky 4248 T ***
OBoSky 4270 T ***
OBoSky 3540 T *** *** ***

Other volume weights available on request.

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.

** Production Changzhou, China

*** currently being examined by leading OEMs

Downloads & Infos

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"Lower emissions with new auto formulation" – urethanes technology international

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