Sustainable Foams for Automotive

OBoNatureTM is setting new benchmarks for the mobility of tomorrow: resource-saving polyurethane foams made of sustainable raw materials – for vehicle interiors, headliners & seat applications

The demand for sustainable products is steadily growing – even in the purchase of vehicles. At the same time, the automotive industry is constantly looking for the latest material innovations for the components of their next models. This is not just a matter of sustainability, but also of performance optimization to increase durability and savings of material and operating costs. As a leading supplier to the automotive industry, we have developed special innovative foam products for use in modern vehicle interiors with the highest quality requirements. Being marketed under the brand name of OBoNature, they combine various sustainability aspects with superior functionality.

OBoNature Product Benefits

Resource conservation

Responsible manufacturing through the use of sustainable raw materials derived from by-products (waste streams) of the chemical industry; thus 20 % less crude oil is needed in the raw material production.

Material efficiency

Prolonged service life thanks to excellent hydrolytic stability and material resistance. Our unique 120 m block technology minimizes adhesive seams by 50 %.

Health protection

Low emission characteristics in accordance with measurement methods VDA 278 and VDA 270. Use of halogen-free flame-retardant additives to ensure passenger safety according to FMVSS 302.

Efficient production

Easier processing due to excellent lamination behavior even with faster lamination processes helps to save operating costs.

Global availability

Easier proProduction currently at our Duderstadt site/Germany. Local stocks can be set up in our warehouses in Greer/US, Changzhou/CN if required.cessing due to excellent lamination behavior even with faster lamination processes helps to save operating costs.

New Automotive Materials Made of Sustainable Raw Materials

The OBoNature family of products comprises diverse solutions for specific applications in the automobile: OBoSky Nature for headliners, OBoTrim Nature for door cladding & armrests and OBoSeat Nature for car seats. They are made of sustainable raw materials and are low-emission. At the same time, they display excellent hydrolytic stability and good mechanical properties. Their laminating and sewing properties enable faster and more efficient manufacturing processes.

OBoSky Nature for headliner

OBoSky Nature 3540 T is a particularly fine-pored foam with a very homogeneous cell structure and uniform color. The foam is characterized by a pronounced elastic behavior due to its optimized elongation at break and tensile strength. This ensures excellent thermoformability even in critical radii. Optimum surface structure results can be achieved without undesirable "orange peel" effects.

OBoTrim Nature for vehicle interior

OBoTrim Nature 3540 T, with slightly less fine pores, stands out by its good processing properties thanks to its good elongation at break and tensile strength, thus offering improved recovery after thermo-compression. The foam is particularly suitable for top-quality door panels and arm rests with “soft-touch-feel” surfaces.

OBoSeat Nature for seating applications

OBoSeat Nature 3540 T is especially designed for seating applications. Its pore size, elongation at break and tensile strength ensure excellent sewing properties of the seat covers as well as high seating comfort.

Optimized Processing Performance With Low Emission Values

Efficient production through optimized processing performance

OBoNature products* provide excellent lamination properties compared to standard ether-based PUR foams with flame lamination properties and with comparable material density. Application field tests have shown that OBoNatureTM products can be processed at a 10 % faster laminating speed, while at the same time the material loss caused by the flame lamination is reduced by 5 % and the adhesive performance is even improved by 5 %. This means that OBoNatureTM products can be used at reduced foam thickness and still achieve excellent lamination results. This helps to reduce both material and manufacturing costs.

Health protection thanks to low emission characteristics

The VOC and fogging content of OBoNature products* is much lower than standard ether-based PUR foams at comparable material density, but is also well below the limits of VDA 278.
(Note: The VOC/FOG values refer to typical average measured values.)

* OBoSky® Nature 3540T, OBoSeat® Nature 3540T, OBoTrimTM Nature 3540T

Sustainable Polyurethane Foams for the Automotive Industry

Downloads & Infos

Press Release
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – OBoNatureTM Family
"Sustainable Foams for the Mobility of Tomorrow" in FAPU Magazine

Technical Data

Product Features   OBoSky®
Nature 3540 T
Nature 3540 T
Nature 3540 T
Sustainable share   13 % 13 % 13 %
*Density [kg/m3] DIN EN ISO 845 35 35 35
Tensile strength [kPa] DIN EN ISO 1798 > 110 > 100 > 90
Elongation at break [%] DIN EN ISO 1798 > 200 > 180 > 150
Compression set [%] DIN ISO 1856 < 6 < 6 < 7
Pore structure   very fine fine normal
Thermoforming properties   excellent good normal
Flame lamination  
Hydrolytic stability DBL 5450
Low emissions VDA 278
Flame retardancy FMVSS 302

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.

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