All-in-One Foam Solutions for Comfortable Sleep

As your partner specializing in bedding, we offer comprehensive services to support your market success that relate to developing, manufacturing, processing, shipping and marketing foam products for personal and medical use.

Now sleeping is even more comfortable
To make your nights even more comfortable, we now offer new tailor-made foam cores for innovative and ergonomic mattresses and pillows. Are you looking for custom foam solutions to provide a high level of sleep or sitting comfort, or especially comfortable personal care products? Or do you want to stand out in the market with a special design? Our comprehensive all-in-one service supports you every step of the way, from the creative idea to the marketing and logistics concept.

The Living & Care Global Business Unit (GBU) develops, designs, manufactures, processes and markets intelligent, innovative system solutions to meet your specific needs, with impressive comfort and the best possible ergonomics. You can find a wide range of comfortable materials in our portfolio for your desired product, with excellent quality as well as tailor-made core constructions. The variable firmness and density allows for all kinds of implementation options.  

In our Bedding Competence Centers located all over the world, you can take advantage of our thoroughly tested foam products with the best functionality and a long lifespan – for the sleep and sitting comfort trends of tomorrow.

Customized services for tailor-made products
In the area of product development, FoamPartner offers the following services, among others:

  • Customer-specific development of semi-finished and finished products such as mattresses, mattress cores, pillows, pillow cores and prototypes
  • Exclusive mattress designs
  • Material consulting

Combined with various testing procedures, you benefit from a service package that adds real value.

The benefits of covering the mattress core with tricot (a knitted fabric) are easier handling, immobilization, and protecting the mattress core. Various tricot fabrics can be used:

  • Cotton
  • Fabric blends
  • Polyamide
  • Polyester

FoamPartner offers attractive logistics and warehouse management services:

  • Inventory management: parts
  • Shipping
  • Warehouse management and organization

A wide range of services for mattress manufacturing
FoamPartner offers many different mattress manufacturing-related services. We even offer one-off production. 

  • Bonding
  • CNC cutting
  • Compacting
  • Compression-cutting technology
  • Fabric and other coverings
  • Folding
  • Packaging in cardboard boxes
  • Packaging with shrink wrap
  • Punching
  • Rolling

FoamPartner’s quality is the result of strictly defined specifications and high standards, which are ensured through comprehensive, ongoing controls

You can find our certificates here.

FoamPartner offers need-based services:

  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Design ideas
  • Development
  • Marketing concept
  • Pressure measurement
  • Product testing
  • Training
  • Visualization

Specific testing procedures for tailor-made products:

  • Customer testing with standardized questionnaires
  • Durability testing under various climate conditions
  • Hardness measurement
  • Pressure distribution measurement


Bedding & Seating

  • Mattresses and matress cores
  • Pillows and pillow cores
  • Seats
  • Topper and topper cores
  • Underbed systems

Heavy Trucks

  • Cabin mattresses
  • Pillows


  • Bed supports
  • Neck supports
  • Patient positioning supports
  • Surgery pillow cores
  • Wheelchair pillows and pillow cores
  • Wound care

Mobile Sleeping

  • Mattresses for travel vehicles
  • Pillows and pillow cores

Sports & Wellness

  • Gymnastics mats
  • Makeup sponges
  • Outdoor cushions and similar
  • Sports guards



Associations and schools


Bed and pillow



Fitness, sports and wellness

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and medical



Mattress and mattress-pad

Pet care

Upholstered furniture

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