For Natural Sleeping Pleasure

A treat for both body and soul: AventO2 mattress foam, perfected with lavender and Swiss alpine herbs.

Lavender promotes well-being. That’s not just traditional naturopathic lore – it has long also been accepted as a tenet of modern science. In order to help you sleep like a dream, FoamPartner has developed the world’s first mattress foam refined with natural additives made from lavender and other herbs, based on its innovative EvO2 composed-pore structure.

AventO2 stays stable and elastic over time. Thanks to its open-pored cell structure, you can enjoy air-permeable, breathable foam quality. The natural additives promote refreshing sleep – so you can relax completely and wake up fresh and fortified in the morning.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

  • Air-permeable
  • Breathable
  • Elastic
  • Open-pored cell structure
  • Stable

Loss of mattress firmness
AventO2 retains its extremely high level of stability and outstanding support all night long.

AventO2 – a tribute to our nature.
AventO2 uses fewer raw materials than the standard foams and cold foams on the market.

A modern mattress material
Lavender, Swiss alpine herbs and EvO2 make all the difference.

Quality is no accident, but the result of strictly defined specifications and high standards, which are fulfilled and ensured through comprehensive, ongoing controls.

You can find our certificates here.

Recovery, relaxation and well-being
Vitality and dynamic power for a good start to the day. Natural energy thanks to healthy sleep.

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