EvoPoreHRC Premium Foam for Motor Homes and Caravans: 30% Lighter, 100% Comfortable

To make sure you get good sleep while you’re on the road, it is now possible to make consistent lightweight mattresses, too – without compromising on comfort or functional properties.

The demand for comfortable interior designs in travel vehicles is growing. At the same time, caravans and motor homes only have a total permissible weight of 3.5 tons. In addition to parts with a lower net weight, you can also significantly improve your energy and cost-effectiveness by choosing the right mattress material.

EvoPoreHRC, the latest generation of mattress foam, was developed especially for travel vehicles. Many motor-home manufacturers are already successfully using this proven lightweight mattress material. Even under extreme climate conditions such as high temperatures and humidity, it is extremely stable. That means you can enjoy comfortable, healthy sleep even on the road.

Tailor-made comfort for trucks, too

The FoamPartner experts also develop comfortable, creative, tailor-made solutions especially for truck cabin mattresses. Depending on the need and the size of the truck, specific pre-cut foam pieces can be made, including flame-retarding properties.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Outstanding comfort

Extremely lightweight 
EvoPoreHRC is up to 30% lighter than conventional cold foam, which significantly reduces the vehicle weight.

Extremely long-lasting
EvoPoreHRC ist extremely long-lasting and has extraordinarily high material stability. Your travel-vehicle mattresses will stay extremely elastic for years, even under challenging climate conditions.

Outstanding comfort
Travel-vehicle mattresses made from EvoPoreHRC are extremely dimensionally stable. They provide outstanding support even when used only on one side, which means a high level of lasting comfort.

EvoPoreHRC is lighter, sturdier, and uses fewer raw materials than the standard foams on the market.

Quality is no accident, but the result of strictly defined specifications and high standards, which are fulfilled and ensured through comprehensive, ongoing controls.

You can find our certificates here.

Material resistance
Excess moisture, high temperatures and pressure shorten the life span of a mattress. EvoPoreHRC outperforms cold foam (HR) and latex by up to 40% when it comes to material resistance

Loss of mattress hardness
EvoPoreHRC foam provides extremely high stability and outstanding support all night long.

Comfort is in the details

  • Specially developed lightweight mattress material for the highest standards in travel vehicles 
  • Significant weight savings
  • High level of customer satisfaction in terms of sleeping comfort and durability of EvoPoreHRC mattresses

Breaking new ground, always a step ahead of the rest. With its revolutionary EvoPoreHRC foam, FoamPartner is keeping ahead of the competition. 

HRC leaves cold foam (HR) in the dust
The innovative EvoPoreHRC material sets a new milestone. After standard polymer and cold foam, we are now putting the third generation of materials on the market.

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