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EvoPoreHRC® – Premium Comfort Foam

Our highly elastic polyurethane foam EvoPoreHRC combines the advantages of normal HR foams with revolutionary climatic resistance, excellent support and excellent comfort

oamPartner redefines the range of premium comfort foams: Meet the high comfort requirements of your customers and rely on EvoPoreHRC. The highly elastic polyurethane foam promises excellent sleep, relaxation and regeneration. 

HRC (High Resilience Climate) stands for a highly elastic mattress material with revolutionary climatic resistance and outstanding comfort properties. In addition to its low weight and durability, EvoPoreHRC is characterized by its great support and excellent material stability. 

EvoPoreHRC is produced with up to 30% fewer raw materials and as such, it conserves natural resources. It also sets an example for more sustainability.

EvoPoreHRC at the interzum 2019

Mattress Foams EvoPoreHRC & EvoPoreVHRC – presented by Gerold Walt

Highly elastic Comfort Foam – Premium Features

High Performance and Lightweight

in comparison to conventional HR foams

Excellent Stability and Support

throughout the whole night

Highest Elasticity

for precise body support

Highly Durable

thanks to superior climate consistency

Premium Comfort Foam EvoPoreHRC – Highlights

Excellent Support

Conventional HR foams or latex can lose firmness when exposed to heat and moisture and therefore offer significantly less support. EvoPoreHRC is different – it maintains outstanding support all night long and over many years thanks to its superior climate consistency.

Outstanding Material Stability

The consistently high sleeping comfort is also made possible by the material stability of the foam. Conventional HR foams or latex can lose stability when exposed to extreme climatic conditions. In comparison, EvoPoreHRC remains up to 40 % more stable.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

Real Values
EvoPoreHRC is a premium mattress foam that provides real values. Excellent sleeping comfort, exceptional adaptability, and lasting support ensure outstanding sleep and optimal relaxation and regeneration.

Low Weight
EvoPoreHRC is a real lightweight. This premium comfort foam is up to 30 % lighter than conventional HR foams but still provides consistently high support and material stability.

EvoPoreHRC reduces the carbon footprint thanks to CO2-reduced production and minimal use of raw materials during manufacturing. Up to 30 % more material would need to be used to provide the same product performance using conventional foams (e.g. HR foams).

Downloads & Infos

EvoPoreHRC® – Premium Comfort Foam
EcovativeTM Data Sheet – EvoPoreTM HRC & VHRC
Certificate – Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Certificate – BKZ 5.2 – 150p FR – Fire Behaviour

Technical Data

Product *Density net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Bun height net
EvoPoreHRC 120c 30 2.9 >110 >160 880
EvoPoreHRC 140c 35 3.3 >110 >150 880
EvoPoreHRC 170c 35 4.0 >110 >140 880
EvoPoreHRC 75p 40 1.9 >70 >140 880
EvoPoreHRC 100p 40 2.5 >80 >120 880
EvoPoreHRC 150p 45 3.5 >80 >120 880
EvoPoreHRC 120p 48 2.8 >60 >100 880
EvoPoreHRC 190p 50 4.5 >80 >110 850
EvoPoreHRC 250c 50 6.0 >140 >120 760

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.

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