OboFlex® – HR comfort foam

Our highly elastic HR comfort foam OboFlex provides support for the natural lying position and is also breathable and moisture-regulating

A high level of lying comfort and optimum support of the body are prerequisites for a relaxed and restful sleep. As an HR cold foam material, OboFlex meets these requirements thanks to its excellent material properties. "HR" stands for "High resilient". Offer your customers optimum relaxation and regeneration.

The excellent point elasticity of OboFlex ensures that the comfort mattress material adapts to the body contour at all times, even if the sleeping person moves during the night. In addition, because it is extremely breathable, OboFlex has very good climatic and moisture regulation.

HR Comfort Foam – Features

High point elasticity

for precise adaption to the body’s contours

Highly supportive

in every lying position

Highly elastic

for a quick reaction to every body movement

Highly breathable

for a dry sleep climate

Advantages & Customer Benefits

The comfort foam Oboflex is certified according to Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA) for quality and against harmful substances, and is a comfort foam that provides real values. Its high elasticity, the very good pressure relief and distribution, and the excellent climate control promote a relaxing and refreshing sleep for an optimal start to the day.

Outstanding Climate Control
The irregular, open-cell pore structure makes the comfort foam Oboflex especially air-permeable and breathable. This positively impacts the moisture regulation, which effectively prevents possible heat accumulation. With its climate-regulating properties, Oboflex promotes a dry and pleasant sleeping climate and allows for a good night's sleep.

Outstanding Point Elasticity
With its extremely high point elasticity, Oboflex precisely adapts to each body contour and thus ensures an optimal pressure distribution and relief. Thanks to its high elasticity, Oboflex reacts perfectly to every turn of the body and thus supports the natural change of position during the night.

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