StandardPUR – The proven polyether foam for universal sleep requirements

StandardPUR has been in use for many years and has proven to be particularly reliable. Rely on a high-quality standard polyether foam with a wide range of applications.

The mattress core is the heart of every mattress and plays a decisive role for effective lying comfort. StandardPUR as 1st generation polyether foam is characterized by its versatile application possibilities and its reliability. Also, for use in upholstery and furniture.

StandardPUR foams are a good choice when it comes to fulfilling conventional comfort requirements. They are hard-wearing, dimensionally stable and comfortable at the same time. Their outstanding durability, good climatic regulation and reliability over many years offer effective sitting and lying comfort with value for money.

Polyether Comfort Foam – Proven Features

Very reliable and robust

thanks to proven material properties

Proven durability

due to lasting material stability

Good climate regulation

thanks to high air permeability and good air wicking

Advantages & Customer Benefits

Real Values
StandardPUR from foam pioneer FoamPartner is a comfort foam with real values. The proven material stability, good climate regulation, and high reliability and durability make it a versatile all-round foam. It features impressive classic comfort for a refreshing and relaxing sleep.

Proven Durability
StandardPUR comfort foam is very sturdy thanks to its lasting material stability. It offers consistently high resting comfort for many years.

Good Climate Regulation
The breathable StandardPUR foam stands out thanks to its good climate regulation. High air permeability and good moisture wicking are guaranteed by its homogeneous and open-cell pore structure. For a pleasant sleeping climate, night after night.

Very Reliable and Robust
StandardPUR foams are very reliable and robust thanks to the properties of the PUR polyether-based material. They thus help actively support high resting comfort and proven durability.

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