Pressure-Relieving, Breathable, Hygienic

Thanks to its complex, highly evolved material properties, ViscoPore provides deep relaxation for your muscles – which creates restorative sleep for your whole body every night.

Our visco-elastic mattress foam is an innovative material that supports your whole body shape, and molds to fit your back and joints in an anatomically appropriate way. Your weight is distributed evenly across the mattress surface, which prevents pressure points and allows your muscles and tissue to relax completely. ViscoPore is also excellent for medical applications.

ViscoPore – in contrast to the standard visco-elastic foams on the market – is completely free from oil-based components. The cells stay open, which guarantees optimal moisture transport and good breathability. With ViscoPore mattresses, you are ensured a dry sleep climate and a pleasant temperature.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

  • Air-permeable
  • Anatomically adaptable
  • Breathable
  • Hygienic
  • Meets the highest quality standards
  • Partially autoclavable
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Washable

ViscoPore actively responds to body heat, moisture and pressure, and harmoniously molds to the curves of your body.

ViscoPore, a thermosensitive mattress material, is open-celled – unlike the other standard visco-elastic foams on the market. That prevents heat build-up.

The high-tech ViscoPore material can be autoclaved, which is useful for medical applications in the home or hospital sector.

Quality is no accident, but the result of strictly defined specifications and high standards, which are fulfilled and ensured through comprehensive, ongoing controls.

You can find our certificates here.

The washable foam ensures a fresh, clean feeling and proper hygiene.

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