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PUR Molded Parts

We deliver high-performing, versatile polyurethane molded parts for the highest market demands

As a provider of PU molded parts, we use highly modern manufacturing technologies to produce products for major manufacturers from numerous industries and sectors. Our rigid foam, rigid integral foam and soft foam molded parts are produced in our factory in Rochester Hills, Michigan in the USA, and are based on our reliable PUR systems.

We have been delivering our innovative polyurethane system solutions to a wide range of industries for many decades, including the automotive industry and local transportation sector, medical technology and healthcare, office and residential furnishings and sports and leisure.

Polyurethane Molded Parts – Solutions

Whether it’s the gear knob or armrests, a dashboard component, engine cover or construction element, molded parts from our production facility are used in practically all automotive areas.

Under the hood
Polyurethane molded parts made from OBoSonic® foam systems are the innovative, custom-fit acoustic solution for noise insulation and absorption.

They stand out for their high temperature resistance and are therefore especially suitable for applications near a car’s engine. Car hoods, specially designed covers, casings for injection valves or high-pressure pumps – our broad portfolio of products in this segment includes all this and more.

In vehicle interiors
We offer a variety of innovative molded parts solutions for vehicle interiors. From PUR flexible foam applications with high comfort requirements to PUR integral foam applications with designer surfaces or energy-absorbing functional components which are vital to safety, we can carry out the entire spectrum of interior applications.

Durability, rider comfort and safety are decisive criteria in the public transportation system in order to meet the growing requirements of the market today. FoamPartner offers molded parts for a broad range of applications used in buses and trains.

In rail transportation
With its energy-absorbing, flame retardant and extremely weather- and temperature-resistant properties, the construPUR® rigid foam developed by our Systems business unit is ideally suited for use outdoors and under challenging conditions. That’s why it often serves as the basis for molded parts in train control systems or in various control elements.

In vehicle interiors
Interior furnishings on public transportation such as buses and trains are subject to an especially wide range of legal requirements. Issues such as fire and accident safety play an important role here. Our molded parts made from ComfoPUR® flexible foam, for example, offer a high level of comfort when used in the seating areas on these modes of transport while also ensuring maximum safety, as we can produce flame retardant variants upon request. Energy-absorbing molded parts made of rigid foam such as crash absorber pads provide additional protection.

Molded foam parts in the medical technology sector are subject to rigorous requirements. Media compatibility, good mechanical properties and potentially biocompatibility therefore play a decisive role.

In hospitals
Chairs in the waiting room, wheelchairs, mattress covers – all of these products are used by numerous patients, doctors or visitors at a hospital. That’s why they need to be especially durable and long-lasting. Molded foam parts from FoamPartner are tailored precisely to include these characteristics upon request and are developed to match your design ideas down to the detail – individually and based on their use.

Doctor's and dentist's offices
It’s almost impossible to imagine working at a doctor’s office without disinfecting surfaces regularly. An especially high standard of cleanliness is required in this setting. Of course, regular cleaning can’t nip every bug in the bud, so to speak, even when the greatest possible care is taken.

Our portfolio of molded parts for the healthcare sector therefore also includes special seating cushions and upholstery equipped with antimicrobial properties for use on exam tables, for example.

At care facilities
Adherence to hygiene regulations is essential in public care facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living communities for people with disabilities. Materials are subjected to high demands and stresses due to frequent, intensive cleaning. When it comes to manufacturing our molded foam parts, we already take these practical factors into account during the production of our PUR foam systems. Tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector, they stand out for their maximum resilience and high resistance to aging.

At home or at work, molded parts from FoamPartner offer the best possible seating position and ensure maximum comfort. We can realize individual requirements as well.

Integral foam
Integral foam has become a nearly essential component in any office chair. Armrests, for example, are often constructed from integral foam in a wide variety of quality grades and degrees of hardness. Work chairs in laboratories offer a high level of comfort today thanks to the use of integral foam or viscoelastic integral foam in the seat and backrest upholstery. From wellness couches to lawn chairs, molded parts made from polyurethane integral foam combine high-quality surfaces with perfect sitting comfort in a unique way – while offering plenty of freedom in terms of design.

Flexible foam
Upholstered furniture without PUR flexible foam? It’s hard to imagine. Whether in a highly flexible variant or a soft viscoelastic version for perfect pressure distribution, PUR flexible foam is the comfort element.

Molded parts made from polyurethane can be found in many everyday applications. Whether integral foam, flexible foam, indoor or outdoor applications: FoamPartner molded parts offer impressive quality and cost efficiency.

For secure support
From comfortable chairs to snowmobile seats to play chairs for the little ones... molded parts from FoamPartner are made from materials that are quality tested, certified and do not pose any health hazards. Due to their high-quality processing based on hardwearing, low emission and low odor PUR systems, FoamPartner molded parts are guaranteed to be long-lasting and resilient.

For work and hobbies
Whether the components are used by DIY enthusiasts or skilled workers on construction sites – well-known manufacturers of products for professional crafts have been relying on our expertise for years. From knee pads for tile setters or pavers to tires for utility vehicles on construction sites or in the garden – molded parts made from FoamPartner foam systems are designed for the day-to-day demands of physical work and have been tried and tested by our customers.

From a refrigerator’s door handle to acoustic solutions for noisier household appliances – with molded foam parts from FoamPartner , your innovative household technology products will set new standards.

Insulating solutions
Consistent performance is expected not only of top athletes, but from our hot water bottles and refrigerators as well. Molded parts made of construPUR® rigid foam guarantee this level of performance with low thermal conductivity values together with good aging-resistance properties.

Acoustic Solutions
A soft hum – we don’t hear much more than that when our plates and glasses are being rinsed in dishwashers of today's standards. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, noisy household appliances are a thing of the past.



Fitness & Sports


Machines & White Goods

Medical Medical

Passenger Vehicles

Rail Vehicles

Advantages & Customer Benefits


  • Built-in attachment and connection points
  • Comfortable
  • Complies with all common fire protection requirements (e.g. UL94-V0, FMVSS 302)
  • Energy absorbent
  • High temperature resistance allows for use near engines
  • Highly recyclable due to single-type materials
  • Integral-skin foam applications with design surfaces
  • Low water / fluid absorption
  • On-time completion of high-performance components with high potential for cost savings
  • Optimal acoustic performance thanks to form-fitting sound insulation and sound protection
  • Optimal space utilization due to new design options
  • Safety-relevant functional components
  • Saves energy due to improved heat insulation
  • Series-tested material and media resistance
  • Soft foam applications with high comfort requirements
  • Temperature resistant
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Breakproof
  • Certified
  • Durable
  • High-quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Low-emission
  • Low-odor
  • No health risks
  • Quality-tested
  • Robust
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Surface stability as required
  • Temperature resistance as required
  • UV resistance as required
  • Adaptable designs
  • Highly elastic
  • Impeccably high comfort
  • Individual requirements can be catered for (e.g. firmness level, color, surface structure)
  • Viscoelastic properties as required
  • Exceptional freedom of design
  • Highly aging-resistant
  • Low heat transition coefficient
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Viscoelastic integral-skin foam
  • Aging-resistant
  • Antimicrobial properties as required
  • Biocompatible
  • Cost-conscious
  • Durable
  • Easy care
  • Individually customizable
  • Long-lasting
  • Mechanically stable
  • Media-compatible
  • Robust
  • Usage-oriented
  • Comfortable
  • Energy absorbent
  • Flame retardants and fire protection based on customers’ wishes
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Energy absorbent
  • Flame retardants and fire protection based on customers’ wishes
  • Weather and temperature resistant

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