Packaging Solutions – Customized and Impressive

FoamPartner develops and produces foam packaging for your specific requirements

Whether you need foam that is fine-pored or rough, heavy or light, soft or hard, our experienced experts can help you choose the perfect foam type to create the best solutions for all of your needs. Custom packaging made from polyethylene and polyurethane foams are precisely tailored to your desired shape using water jet cutting, milling and other processing techniques.

Custom packaging
Thanks to our wealth of expertise and our use of the latest technology, we can easily meet all of your packaging needs. Whether you need large or small parts, bright or discreet colors, the FoamPartner group offers an impressive range of foams along with inexhaustible creativity.


  • Assembly trays for showerheads
  • Cell-phone holders
  • Clock face packaging
  • Foam inserts for pens
  • Foam packaging for medical devices
  • Inserts for electronic components
  • Key safes
  • Packaging solutions for optics carriers
  • Packaging solutions made from foam for control units
  • Pocket-knife inserts
  • Presentation case for special cutters
  • Production trays
  • Promotional items, customer gifts and advertising items
  • Protective packaging for FirewolfTM, Flexbox©
  • Raw materials
  • Replacement parts
  • Safety diaphragms
  • Sample cases for sales representatives
  • Scanner inserts
  • Sensor inserts made from foam
  • Side walls with grid
  • Suitcase inserts
  • Tailor-made precut foam pieces and foam inserts
  • Transport trays
  • Trays for semi-finished products

Tailor-made inserts
Impressive packaging solutions combine optimal packaging protection with an attractive presentation. FoamPartner creates tailor-made foam inserts for you with sophisticated shapes, contours and content. This includes:

  • Case, box, drawer and tool inserts
  • Cleaning-kit inserts
  • Manipulation device packaging
  • Measuring device packaging
  • Packaging for medical components

Sales and presentation packaging
Success starts with a strong presentation – first impressions are important. In order to consistently impress your customers and end consumers, the FoamPartner group places a strong emphasis on developing attractive proposals for foam packaging.


  • Aluminum cases with inserts for digital cameras
  • Case inserts for night vision devices
  • Foam inserts for jewelry
  • Foam inserts for product presentations
  • Inserts for accessory boxes
  • Inserts for cosmetic products (foam trays)
  • Sales case inserts for sales representatives

Suitcase range
In addition to suitcase inserts made from foam, FoamPartner also offers a wide range of suitcases:

  • Advertising and promotional packaging
  • Plastic and aluminum suitcases
  • Shipping and protective packaging
  • Transport boxes

Transport packaging
In order to be prepared for any challenge that arises in the area of shipping, warehousing and logistics, you need intelligent foam packaging. Whenever goods are transported, whether for short or long distances, they need to be perfectly protected from damage and other external influences. We know what it takes to get your goods safely from Point A to Point B.

Among other things, the FoamPartner range includes:

  • Container inserts
  • EUR-1 inserts
  • Packaging foams for international shipping
  • Packaging solutions for air shipping
  • Plywood box inserts
  • Reusable containers for semiconductor chips
  • Reusable containers for semiconductor diodes
  • Reusable, single-use and automated packaging
  • Suitcase inserts made from foam
  • Transport packaging for X-ray devices
  • Transport protection solutions for aluminum tubes

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