Sealing Solutions made from Foam

Innovative safety

In order for you to rely on the optimal functioning of your assemblies and complex systems, liquid and volatile compounds must be securely prevented from unintentionally leaking or penetrating the material. Heat losses create increased energy use or hard-to-control operating temperatures. Water penetration causes material damage, which in turn harms climate regulation. Therefore efficient sealing is a key element for securing system functionality.

This is where you get optimal benefits from our innovative materials, which meet today’s standards for modern, durable seals. Liquids, moisture, gases and fine particles such as dust do not have a chance. FoamPartner’s sealing foams are available for use in many different branches and industrial sectors, for instance in the automotive, equipment, construction and space industry. Contact us to find the ideal solution for your needs in our diverse range of qualified sealing foams.

More information about sealing solutions for vehicle engineering can be found under Acoustic & Thermal Solutions and Systems.

Sealing Solutions



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