construPUR® Rigid Foam Systems

Insulation, shock absorption, cladding

ConstruPUR combines all of the rigid foam, rigid integral foam and RIM solutions. The systems have a wide range of applications and are easy to process.

They can be processed using high-pressure and low-pressure technology as well as manually. The product range also includes especially durable and long-lasting versions for selected indoor and outdoor application areas as well as special automotive applications (rigid integral foam / RIM).

All of the construPUR rigid foam systems are precisely tailored to your needs, thanks to our innovative, highly flexible development and application technology. That includes special mechanical requirements, a customized reaction profile, material with excellent insulating properties or flame-retardant versions of the system.





Fitness & Sports


Advantages & Customer Benefits

  • Aging resistant
  • Also available in low densities (30-100kg/m3)
  • Breakproof
  • Climate resistant
  • Energy absorbent
  • Flame retardant (guaranteed to meet fire protection guidelines according to the required standards, f.e. DIN 4102 -B2 or FMVSS 302)
  • Heat resistant
  • High quality
  • High technical standards
  • High tensile stretch and impact resistance
  • Insulating (ideal for heat or cold insulation)
  • Media resistant
  • Optimal flow
  • Optimal thermal transmission values (k value / U value)
  • Shock resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Based on the optimized flowability of these systems very complex geometries can be carried out with the appropriate mold design
  • Blocks and molded parts produced from these systems stand out for their easy reworking, similar to that of wood
  • EAH foams are available in flexible and rigid variants. The precise hardness, pressure and shock absorption capacity and density to match your individual requirements.

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