Wellbeing & Employee Satisfaction

For us, the most basic requirements for working at FoamPartner include safety at work and the health of our employees. “OneFoampartner – a strong community” is our motto for creating a modern corporate culture at all of our 13 sites world wide. The more pleasant the working environment and career prospects, the more satisfied and productive are our employees.

Health and safety

Health and safety are our top priority. We as a company, bear a high responsibility for employees and locations, not only in the context of hazardous incident situations.

Safety in the workplace is one of our central themes. Occupational safety specialists monitor compliance with global regulations and laws on site. Regular monitoring and inspections enable us to take rapid action and implement appropriate safety measures if necessary.

FoamPartner ensures the following activities and measures at all its facilities:

  • Continuous improvements and investments, especially of workplaces dealing with hazardous substances.
  • Special occupational safety checks by authorities and institutions at the foaming plants in Leverkusen, Duderstadt, Wolfhausen and Changzhou.
  • Compliance with the highest safety standards of the chemical industry.
  • Investment in occupational safety technology in plant and machinery.
  • Special bonus for in house suggestions on occupational safety.
  • Regular meetings of the occupational safety committee.
  • Regular inspection of the production and administrative areas in accordance with the German Occupational Safety Act.
  • Voluntary participation in the “Study on occupational health and safety in activities with materials containing diisocyanates” of the IPA/DGUV.
  • Comprehensive fire protection measures, e.g. also the operation of a recognized plant fire brigade at our largest site in Duderstadt.

Promoting the health of our employees

Promoting the health of our employees is also very important to us. Our initiatives in this area are:

  • Health days and training for employees and managers.
  • Company doctors, health checks, flu vaccinations and other measures.
  • Return talks and integration programs for returning to work after a long illness.
  • Close cooperation with safety officers.
  • Financial support towards fitness center participation.
  • Regular fruit baskets from regional farmers for employees.

Employee development, team building and diversity

We support and promote the professional and personal development of our employees because their knowledge is worth a lot to us. In our Talent Development Program, we offer individual training programs for managers, department heads, team leaders and shift leaders.

We give young people a first insight into the world of work at the Girls & Boys Day or the National Future Day. In house training is just as possible with us as dual studies. We also welcome newly arrived applicants. With a newly established program, we now also support unskilled employees in their part time vocational training.

By teambuilding we do not only mean Christmas parties, Oktoberfest or similar events, but also other events in a more personal setting, such as joint sports or cooking events.

More environmentally friendly working environment

We think sustainably and progressively and offer our employees company e-cars, hybrid vehicles and business e-bikes for more environmentally friendly mobility. We are gradually switching to paperless processes to conserve resources, avoiding plastic by using water dispensers, dispensing water bottles and porcelain cups at all coffee machines at our sites.

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  • Social Commitment

    Sustainability - People

    For FoamPartner, social responsibility is not just an empty phrase, but an everyday reality. For us, social commitment is not an obligation, but a commitment with heart and mind, on a small and large scale.

Planet, People & Performance

“We create long-term added value and benefits for all interest groups – with regard to economic, environmental and societal aspects, and carry this out in our daily work.”

The FoamPartner Sustainability Principle

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