Solutions with Added Value

Solutions from FoamPartner are value adding and innovative with great application potential in many areas. Health and wellbeing, climate protection, e-mobility, resource conservation, digitization, and more are a part of sustainability in all areas of life, today and tomorrow.

Mobility –

focus on sustainable innovations

Topics such as health, safety, climate protection, resource conservation and material efficiency are a focus of attention in the automotive sector. Our focus is the improvement of air quality in the vehicle interior using lower emission ...

Specialties –

technical applications sustainably efficient

As a leading manufacturer and converter of best-in-class foam solutions, we offer our customers a wide range of more than 200 specialty foams and tailor made solutions for the most diverse applications. Sustainable ...

Living & Care –

sustainable with all comfort

There are many facets to sustainability, and we understand it to include the strengthening of health and wellbeing. As a leading manufacturer of comfort foams for sleeping systems, furniture and many other customer specific ...

Our Award for Sustainable Products

Look out for our solutions with the Ecovative label. Products that are awarded this label have a particularly sustainable and economic value. Our promise "Best in Foam - Sustainable through Innovation" is based on our sustainability principle PLANET, PEOPLE & PERFORMANCE. With this we create long-term added value for all stakeholders through high-performance solutions and real customer benefits.