Specialties – Technical applications sustainably efficient

As a leading manufacturer and converter of best-in-class foam solutions, we offer our customers a wide range of more than 200 specialty foams and tailor made solutions for the most diverse applications. Sustainable, resource saving and environmentally friendly – for white goods, agriculture, construction and household applications.

Acoustic solutions for white goods

For manufacturers of household appliances and white goods we supply converted parts of flake composite foams for noise reduction. Such products are particularly environmentally friendly and resource saving foams based on recycled flexible PUR foam residues. These cost effective materials reduce noise flow and structure borne sound.

Under the name RegiSeal® 40 and RegiSeal® 50 we also offer polyester based sealing foams based on renewable raw materials, which are extracted from rapeseed and sunflowers. The sustainable share in the foam is almost 60 %. This is impressive and sets a clear signal in terms of environmental protection. These products are used in white goods as well as in industrial machinery and equipment.

Sealing solutions – Energy saving aids around the house

FoamPartner has developed many helpful foams to save heat and energy in and around the house, to reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to their airtight, heat insulating, and sound absorbing properties, they can be used in many different ways. Flame protection can also be integrated. This is the ideal basis for sealing solutions for building and living.

Joint sealing tapes or compression tapes for doors and windows made of polyether based PUR foams such as B 2320 or HyPore 30 FR are characterized by high UV light, moisture and heat resistance. They are weatherproof and resistant to heavy rain. Our PUR products are impregnated by a soaking process in a silicone based solution, which results in permanent insulation, even for years.

RegiSeal® sealing solutions for heat pumps and condensing boilers
Climate friendly heating and heating alternatives effectively reduce CO2 emissions. Replacing old systems with modern condensing boilers or heat pumps reduces pollutant emissions and helps to save energy. Especially for such complex systems, we have developed our low emission sealing foams, RegiSeal® Aqua and RegiSeal® TN 30 FR. They protect the devices against unintentional penetration or escape of moisture by water, oil or other liquids as well as gases and fine particles. All RegiSeal® sealing solutions are air and water tight, easily compressible and particularly durable.

Green roofs for a better urban climate

Green roofs and façade greening can reduce the high heat build up in cities, especially in summer, and thus have a positive influence on air temperature and humidity. This also benefits the local climate and rainwater management.

Especially for green roof systems, we have developed HyPore Roof, a special foam solution for use in water storage mats. The 5 cm thick storage medium for rainwater is combined with a 1 cm thick filter layer of TCL 40100. This prevents waterlogging and allows excess water to drain away. 

The water storage mats for green roofs are marketed by our Swiss partner Urs Sutter under the name VIRIdiVITA.

Protecting bogs – through new foam based hydroponics

Peatlands cover only 3 % of the earth’s surface, but store almost a third of the world’s carbon in the soil and about half of the carbon dioxide from the air. They are therefore indispensable for protection against global warming. In order to reduce peat decomposition and thus protect the peatlands, alternatives are needed, especially for use in greenhouses or the greenhouse cultivation of vegetables.

FoamPartner has created a special foam product for this important area. The substrate RegiLen 3028 APS is used as a sustainable alternative to peat and rock wool in plant cultivation. Thanks to its hydrophilic properties, it stores nutrient solutions and continuously releases them to plants and seedlings. The special cell structure of the foam ensures an intensive oxygen supply to the plant roots. Unlike rock wool, RegiLen 3028 APS is durable and resistant. Once dried out, it can easily be moistened again and thus supply water and nutrients.

Cleaning sponges for the environmentally conscious household

In households, consumers increasingly want to do without ingredients that are harmful to the environment. They are also paying more attention to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in cleaning products.

FoamPartner is also meeting this demand with eco friendly kitchen sponges in various versions. In our sponges with a recycled content of up to 70 %, we combine various sustainable materials which include PUR foam with 10 % recycled PUR powder that ensures good water absorption and wiping behavior. The non abrasive eco fleece made of 100 % recycled material guarantees scratch free surface cleaning. A middle layer of 100 % compressed and recycled PUR foam additionally gives the sponge an environmentally friendly appearance.

Another sustainable product example is the cleaning sponge Hydro S 60+. Here we have developed a particularly material efficient sponge for more hygiene and cleanliness in the household, our alternative to cellulose and viscose sponges. Its hydrophilic property ensures excellent water absorption and offers very good wiping and cleaning properties. It is similar to a cellulose sponge, but with significantly longer durability. It does not dissolve over time and can be washed in the washing machine at 60 °C / 140 °F. It prevents mold and unpleasant odors and works well without biocides or other harmful ingredients.

Sustainable packaging materials

In the packaging sector, we offer our customers sustainable foam materials made of polyethylene and polyurethane foams. These are intended for use in disposable and reusable packaging as well as for transport case inserts or presentation packages. 

For example, we process PE foams based on renewable sugar cane and recycled ingredients from Sealed Air’s EcoPure and EcoPure Hybrid product families. The latest product development from our company is the new PUR packaging foam B 2240 Eco. The raw materials used in its manufacture contain 20 % less petroleum derivatives than comparable conventional raw materials. In the finished B 2240 Eco foam, the sustainable proportion of the product is ultimately more than 12 %.

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  • Living & Care – Sustainable with all comfort

    Sustainability - Performance

    There are many facets to sustainability, and we understand it to include the strengthening of health and wellbeing. As a leading manufacturer of comfort foams for sleeping systems, furniture and many other customer specific comfort products, we also pay close attention to sustainable production, maximum functionality and long service life in this sensitive segment.

Our Award for Sustainable Products

Look out for our solutions with the Ecovative label. Products that are awarded this label have a particularly sustainable and economic value. Our promise "Best in Foam - Sustainable through Innovation" is based on our sustainability principle PLANET, PEOPLE & PERFORMANCE. With this we create long-term added value for all stakeholders through high-performance solutions and real customer benefits.