Ecological Sustainability

At FoamPartner, we always focus on the best possible combination of operational efficiency and environmental protection in our work. We work in the most resource efficient way possible through efficient use of materials. We use recyclable materials and renewable resources wherever possible. We make our contribution to climate protection with energy efficient plants and emission reductions.

With our high environmental safety standards and innovative waste and recycling concepts, we have already exceeded legal and official requirements in some cases. We are continuously looking for further optimization potential even on a small scale. For example, by reducing the number of global business trips and business flights to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Environmental Safety

Our environment and its safety are very important to us. That is why we regularly adapt our safety standards to current requirements and circumstances. We make sure that all regulations are strictly followed, and ...

Conservation of Resources

Conservation and protection of resources is a matter of course for us. Sustainable planning and sustainable use of raw materials is a priority for us: with special Business Excellence projects for yield optimization and ...

Climate Protection

Climate protection and energy efficiency go hand in hand at FoamPartner. Here, we focus primarily on reducing CO2 emissions, with the implementation of ISO 50001 at selected locations. By participating in ...

Planet, People & Performance

“We create long-term added value and benefits for all interest groups – with regard to economic, environmental and societal aspects, and carry this out in our daily work.”

The FoamPartner Sustainability Principle

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