Climate Protection

Climate protection and energy efficiency go hand in hand at FoamPartner. Here, we focus primarily on reducing CO2 emissions, with the implementation of ISO 50001 at selected locations. By participating in emissions trading with CO2 certificates and general savings measures such as new mobility concepts and travel guidelines, we make every step count.

Energy efficiency – our energy management

In the effort to achieve sustainability, the area of energy and its savings plays a special role at FoamPartner. We want to conserve resources, reduce emissions and continually decrease the consumption of raw materials, heat and energy. We use various measures to achieve this:

  • Introduction of ISO 50001 certification at the Delmenhorst and Leverkusen sites and regular external energy audits at other sites.
  • Use of combined heat and power plants based on renewable energies such as biomass or untreated wood to generate heat and energy.
  • Internal promotion of vehicle guidelines such as e-cars and hybrid vehicles, including the installation of appropriate charging points on company premises.
  • Key figures for monitoring and controlling energy consumption and measures to make energy use more conscious and efficient.
  • Continuous conversion of the lighting systems to state-of-the-art LED technology.
  • Energy efficient renovation of buildings and building services engineering with roof insulation, multiple glazing, ventilation systems with heat recovery and frequency converters for speed regulation and increased efficiency.

Fit for the energy audit – the example of Delmenhorst

Our Delmenhorst site was certified according to ISO 50001 in 2016 in close cooperation with the German Federal Office of Energy (Bundesamt für Energie/BFE) and energy saving consultants. To measure machine consumption, a measuring point concept was set up in 2019 to record the energy consumption of each individual machine at any time. The knowledge gained shows enormous energy saving potential:

  • The highest energy consumption occurs in the exhaust air system – with a savings potential of 800,000 kWh.
  • Lighting with fluorescent tubes also consumes a lot of energy – the savings potential here is 360,000 kWh.

In 2019, the ceiling lighting in the entire factory area (15,000 m²) was replaced in cooperation with “Deutsche Lichtmiete Vermietgesellschaft mbH”, a German service company for rental of lighting systems. In 2020, we now want to reduce energy consumption at the plant by 10 % compared to the previous year. We want to achieve this goal, among other things, by renewing the exhaust air system for the embossing shop. The demand based control of the ventilation system reduces the electricity requirement of the fans and the gas requirement for preheating the supply air. A further measure to save energy is the systematic and continuous reduction of compressed air leakages.

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  • PEOPLE – Social Sustainability

    Sustainability - People

    For FoamPartner, people are the greatest asset. We value our employees, our business partners, and our social environment. They are all valuable to our company.

Planet, People & Performance

“We create long-term added value and benefits for all interest groups – with regard to economic, environmental and societal aspects, and carry this out in our daily work.”

The FoamPartner Sustainability Principle

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