Foam Expo Europe, Stuttgart, Deutschland,
10. – 12.09.2019

Besuchen Sie uns auf Europas größter Fachmesse für die technische Schaumstoffindustrie. Gerne heißen wir Sie auf unserem Stand 504 willkommen.

Event Foam Expo Europe
Wo Landesmesse Stuttgart
Stand 504 (Halle 10)
Datum 10. – 12. September 2019


FoamPartner präsentiert Neuheiten aus den Bereichen Acoustic & Thermal Solutions, Automotive Rolls, Systems und Specialties.

Spannende Vorträge

Creating Competition - Supply Chain Dynamics in the Foam Industry

10.09.2019 um 10:00 Uhr | Michael Riedel, CEO

The foam industry is a complex one: not only do foam manufacturers supply their materials downstream to converters and fabricators, they often add value by converting their own foams through their own internal subsidiaries, as this is often more lucrative compared with profit margins on the foaming process. This is further driven by the demands of their customers, such as the automotive industry, who look for suppliers that can offer a complete solution. However, this poses challenges for converters and fabricators, as they often find themselves competing with their raw material suppliers, who control the raw material prices.

This panel discussion brings together foam manufacturers and converters to discuss the trends and complex dynamics in the industry and investigate where they see the industry going in the next 10 years.

Questions to be addressed: 

  • What are the current trends and dynamics of the market?
  • What are the implications of trends such as vertical integration/diversification?
  • Where do we see this going in 10 years’ time?

Novel Foam Solutions Addressing Future Acoustic and Thermal Requirements in Electric Vehicles

11.09.2019, 11:30 Uhr | Kay Kosar, Vice Preseident Global Business Unit Acoustic & Thermal Solutions

One of the biggest transformations in the automotive industry is the electrification of the vehicle. The replacement of the internal combustion engine by battery-powered drivetrains poses new challenges in managing heat, noise and vibration. This industry focus will feature several presentations that illustrate the changing material and application requirements as a result of the electrification of the vehicle, and how this offers opportunities for the application of foamed materials; followed by an on-stage interview and Q&A where OEM and tier suppliers will discuss how this technology shift might impact material requirements.

  • What new material challenges, requirements and opportunities will technology trends in the transport sector – such as e-mobility and autonomous driving – create?
  • What are the trends driving innovation in thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation?
  • What are the challenges in optimising these properties?
  • How does the application impact the performance of the material?

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