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CARPENTER announces acquisition of
Recticel Engineered Foams Division
(formerly FoamPartner)

Armrests & Door Panels

For high-quality vehicle interiors with an extra comfort factor: homogeneous surfaces for a soft touch & good thermoformability

Give your vehicle interiors a final polish and trust our high-quality foam materials. The homogeneous surfaces of our foams for vehicle components provide a great soft touch. Especially in armrests and door claddings, the material's outstanding hand helps create a high-quality impression for your automotive interior solutions.

Our low-emission foams are a great choice for flame bonding and adhesive lamination. Our low-odor foam products significantly improve the interior climate.

For over 60 years, we have been producing specialized PUR Polyester and Polyether foams for vehicle interiors, and deliver products to all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Thanks to their unique thermoformability, these foams are especially well suited for this purpose.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

Excellent surface structure

Homogeneous surface appearance and good tactile properties with a soft touch. Available in fine or open cell structures.

Outstanding properties

High elasticity, thermoformability and good recovery properties at critical radii. 

Low-odor and low emission

Low VOC and low fogging properties, making them especially low-odor and low-emission.

Global availability

Available worldwide as a roll good in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Properties – Armrest & Door Panel Foams

PUR Polyester

  • especially easy to work with
  • very well suited for flame bonding and adhesive lamination
  • high elasticity
  • homogeneous cell structure for homogeneous surfaces
  • good thermoformability

PUR Polyether

  • low VOC (low percentage of volatile organic compounds)
  • low fogging values
  • extremely low-emission
  • low-odor
  • hydrolysis stable and long-lasting

Downloads & Infos

EcovativeTM Data Sheet – OBoNatureTM Family

Technical Data

Product Product group *Density net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Compression set
DIN ISO 1856 (50 %, 70°C, 22 h)
Fogging gravimetric
DIN 75201 - B
OBoTrim Nature 3540 T Polyether PUR foam 35 4,0 >100 >180 <6 <1
B 50 H-LF Polyester PUR foam 50 8,0 >200 >100 <10 <1
B 60 N-LF Polyester PUR foam 60 7,0 >120 >150 <5 <1
B 65 N-LF Polyester PUR foam 65 7,0 >120 >150 <5 <1
B 75 N-LF Polyester PUR foam 75 7,5 >130 >180 <5 <1
B 4550 PFK-LF Polyether PUR foam 45 5,0 >100 >160 <5 <1
B 5560 FK-LF Polyether PUR foam 55 5,0 >100 >150 <5 <1
B 6060 GL-LF Polyether PUR foam 60 6,5 >120 >150 <5 <1
B 6560 GL-LF Polyether PUR foam 65 7,0 >120 >150 <5 <1
B 6560 FR-LF Polyether PUR foam 65 6,0 >120 >150 <5 <1
B 7560 FR-LF Polyether PUR foam 75 5,0 >120 >170 <5 <1

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.

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