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Smart Mattress for Smart Bed – Tecciō.science

The Tecciō.science smart mattress is more than just an intelligent mattress. Instead of just monitoring sleep, it provides truly optimized sleep – a milestone in sleep improvement.

Unlike other intelligent mattresses that merely monitor sleep, Tecciō.science goes one step further: The smart mattress actually provides optimal sleep. Integrated sleep trackers analyze sleep behavior, and multidynamic foams combined with sophisticated hardware and software change the firmness of the mattress during different phases of sleep. This is controlled via an app. The result is an optimal sleep pattern and the best possible wake-up.

The Smart Mattress at the interzum 2019

Optimizing Sleep with Tecciō.science – presented by Felix Posavec

Smart Mattress for Sleep Optimization

Sleep improvement from leading experts on mattresses & technology

The brand-new Tecciō.science sleeping system was developed jointly by Dow, FoamPartner, and Variowell Development. It unites the cumulative expertise of these companies on the subject of restorative sleep with a combination of multi-dynamic premium luxury foam materials and digital technology. The name for this intelligent sleeping solution is derived from the Japanese word Tekiō, which translates as “adaptation”. Tecciō.science is designed to influence sleep in a positive manner to enhance regeneration and through that, to improve the quality of life of consumers.

Sleep optimization with a smart mattress: Hardware & software with app control

Tecciō.science combines multi-dynamic foams and an electronic low-voltage control unit that is regulated by an app. This is connected to the mattress via Bluetooth. The thermodynamic properties of the foam materials make them ideal for changes in their firmness setting. The foam elements are installed directly in the mattress and are therefore a natural component of the sleeping system – there is no need for additional pumps or other moving parts. Externally, the Tecciō.science mattress is no different from conventional mattresses and it can be integrated into an existing bed system without any problem.

Smart wake-up functionality

Smart wake-up apps are very popular and wake the sleeper when not in a deep sleep period. But this is often too early. Using sophisticated algorithms, mattresses with Tecciō.science prevent the consumer from being in deep sleep at the preferred wake-up time. Sleep behavior is individually adapted, and the sleeper is in a light sleep phase at the wake-up time. This makes waking up more pleasant.

Digital business models for mattress manufacturers

Tecciō.science lays the groundwork for a distinctively individual, innovative experience of sleep – one that goes far beyond the classic ergonomic properties of mattresses. This opens up entirely new possibilities for companies that make mattresses. The multi-dynamic elements are easy to install in the customer’s own mattress, and can be combined with a huge variety of foam materials. The software can also be extended, and programmed in accordance with customer wishes. This means that mattresses can be developed further, simply through the use of software updates – this creates new digital business models.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

Restorative sleep is of great value.The rise in the use of sleep trackers such as smart watches, sensors, or apps demonstrates that consumers are becoming more aware of this issue. In fact, the innovative Tecciō.science sleep solution takes that one step further. Instead of simply monitoring sleep, it optimizes it for you. With Tecciō.science, the following comfort-related wishes can be implemented:

  • Personal firmness settings, for example to obtain a soft sensation when lying down to fall asleep and when waking up, and a good firm setting during the night.
  • Time-related changes in firmness to influence sleeping patterns on working days and at the weekend: a softer setting at the weekend for relaxation and a firmer setting on working days to enable you to get up earlier.
  • Ergonomically appropriate firmness settings, dependent on your lying position.
  • Smart wake-up functionality: Smart wake-up apps are very popular and wake people up when they are not in a deep sleep phase. However, this is frequently too early. The algorithms in a mattress equipped with Tecciō.science prevent consumers from being in a deep sleep at their preferred wake-up time.
  • Power-nap functionality.
  • Individual firmness settings for various different people, for example in hotels or guest rooms.
  • And a great deal more thanks to adaptable and extensible app software for smart sleeping solutions.
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