Sustainable Sponges with Cellulose-like Properties

Innovative household sponge as an alternative to cellulose – sustainable production, high durability & excellent cleaning behavior.

Classic household sponges made of cellulose are derived from organic raw materials. The manufacturing and processing is done by chemical processes that are harmful to the environment and the final product does not have a long life.

Our sustainable CelluPlusTM sponge made from polyurethane foam is the ideal alternative. The synthetic sponge has the same properties as a cellulose sponge, but is significantly more resource-efficient in production. Thanks to its hydrophilic properties, CelluPlus exhibits excellent water absorption and is significantly more durable, as it does not dry out or dissolve itself.

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Innovative Sponge Foam with Cellulose-like Properties

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CelluPlus explained

CelluPlus Benefits

CelluPlus Cleaning Sponge – Properties

Excellent water absorption

Thanks to the hydrophilic material properties, the absorption of the CelluPlus foam is 20 times of its dry weight.

Perfect wiping and cleaning behaviour

CelluPlus performs similar to cellulose sponges and takes up stains and spills effectively, often with only one wipe.

Higher durability

In comparison to cellulose sponges, CelluPlus has a much longer lifetime due its higher material resistance. The product does not crumble or disintegrate with time.

No unpleasant smell

CelluPlus does not trap residue and particles which normally happens with cellulose sponges. The CelluPlus material by itself prevents the growth of moulds, thus no unpleasant odor occurs.


Hygiene in the kitchen is of central importance to prevent food-borne infections. A preventive protection against the spread of germs is to wash your cleaning sponge frequently. CelluPlus foam is washable up to 75°C.

Readily available

Cellulose is subject to fluctuations on the global supply market. The raw materials used in the production of CelluPlus are not scarce and therefore are much less exposed to price volatility.

Sustainable Product

CelluPlus has been awarded with the proprietary Ecovative label

The Ecovative label stands for our promise “Best in Foam - Sustainable through Innovation” and is our award for innovative product solutions with special sustainable and economic value:

  • Resource conservation  High material efficiency through longer lifetime due to improved hydrolytic stability and material resistance.
  • Clean production process  Simple one-step-process with reproduceable results, much less polluting process in comparison to cellulose.
  • Health protection  Much less susceptible to mold growth due to the chemical structure of the PUR foam.
  • People safety  Can be machine washed to kill harmful germs and bacteria and to maintain hygiene in bath & kitchen.
  • Optimized functionality  Excellent water absorption thanks while providing perfect wiping and cleaning behavior similar to cellulose sponges.