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Green Walls – Vertical Gardening Systems for Naturally Beautiful Rooms

Living walls provide improved indoor climate, optimized sound absorption & increased well-being

Our plant wall system provides a better indoor climate. Green walls regulate humidity, produce fresh oxygen and reduce noise. We spend around 90% of our lives indoors. A healthy atmosphere with a high feel-good factor is therefore particularly important. 

An indoor vertical garden is not only good for your health, it also increases your sense of well-being. Our green wall is soil-free and thus especially hygienic, as it does not provide a habitat for bacteria, viruses or insects. The decorative appeal of plant walls make them the highlight of your office or living rooms. Architects and home designers appreciate our modular and flexible system for interior design. 

Green Walls – Improved Indoor Climate & Pleasant Atmosphere

Vertical Gardening Systems are an ideal solution for sustainable air conditioning of buildings and, together with a regular supply of fresh air, improves indoor air quality immensely. Thus, indoor greening, such as living walls, not only creates a healthy indoor climate, but also a pleasant atmosphere thanks to its decorative appeal. This has a positive effect on our well-being and performance.

Improved indoor air quality

thanks to higher levels of oxygen and air-purifying effects to protect health

Pleasant atmosphere

thanks to visual enhancement of the interior design and noise reduction properties for improved well-being

Living indoor greenery

soil-free for hygienically clean and easy maintenance

Foam-based Systems for Living Walls

Living walls can be created using various planting systems that employ soil, hydroponics or foam. Foam-based systems are particularly clean and hygienic in comparison, as they do not provide a habitat for bacteria, viruses or insects. They are also extremely durable and convenient to use, as they require no special maintenance.

Foam is an ideal soil for plants. The plant roots completely penetrate the foam and form a symbiotic unit. Thanks to the water-retaining properties of the foam, water is permanently available to the plant roots. If there is ever too much watering, excess water is drained off through a special filter layer of foam to prevent the plants from becoming waterlogged. In addition, special additives – integrated into the foam matrix – promote plant growth.

Foam based greening systems

Vertical Wall Gardens – Indoor Plant Walls

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Green Walls for Naturally Beautiful Rooms and Better Health & Wellbeing
Water storage systems based on special polyurethane foams

Technical Data

Product Properties Basic element Extension module
Element 121 x 73 x 7 cm 121 x 73 x 7 cm
Tank 30 x 73 x 14 cm  
Total 151 x 73 x 14 cm 121 x 73 x 7 cm
Element saturated 15 kg 15 kg
Tank incl. water 38 kg  
Total 53 kg 15 kg
Water tank capacity    
Tank capacity 30 liters  
Number of plants up to 55 up to 55

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