Social Sustainability

For FoamPartner, people are the greatest asset. We value our employees, our business partners, and our social environment. They are all valuable to our company. Because we know that without them, we cannot do business. That’s why we ensure the highest safety standards and a variety of measures to promote health. We also ensure compliance with all laws and corporate guidelines, and we always act responsibly in accordance with our values set out in our Code of Conduct – respect, reliability and integrity. But we also see our social responsibility as a local and global task and obligation. Locally, we support various associations and institutions directly at our locations. Internationally, we support various UNICEF sustainability initiatives in developing countries.

Integrity in Business Life

Our ethics and values are highly regarded and are firmly anchored at FoamPartner. They are integrated in all business areas, internally and externally. They shape our work and our behavior in our dealings with ...

Wellbeing & Employee Satisfaction

For us, the most basic requirements for working at FoamPartner include safety at work and the health of our employees. “OneFoampartner – a strong community” is our motto for creating a modern corporate culture at ...

Social Commitment

For FoamPartner, social responsibility is not just an empty phrase, but an everyday reality. For us, social commitment is not an obligation, but a commitment with heart and mind, on a small and large scale and in ...

Planet, People & Performance

“We create long-term added value and benefits for all interest groups – with regard to economic, environmental and societal aspects, and carry this out in our daily work.”

The FoamPartner Sustainability Principle

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