Expertise in Acoustic and Thermal Management

We are a flexible contact partner with extensive competence in the area of lightweight customized solutions for acoustically and thermally challenging environments.

FoamPartner develops and manufactures acoustically and thermally effective components and systems for your individual needs in especially challenging environments. If you need ultralight customized solutions for your special applications, we work with renowned partners from various industries to give you reliable support, with customer-specific materials and an impregnation option. Through our modern acoustics center, FoamPartner gives you access to our comprehensive knowledge about sound absorption and noise protection. Our in-house development, which includes R&D, prototype building, 3D/2D modeling as well as tool construction and manufacturing, ensures that our solutions are constantly further developed based on your requirements.

Our emphases: vehicle acoustics, headliners and seals. In these areas, FoamPartner uses foams as a functional high-tech material for cars, heavy trucks, aerospace, trains, streetcars, ships, tractors and more. Our technical foams let you create a customized, function-based design. They meet the standards for lightweight construction and provide flame protection.

As a foam manufacturer, we meet 100 percent of the industry’s high quality standards and guarantee you absolute delivery reliability and timeliness.

Resonant, not noisy: acoustics
FoamPartner’s targeted acoustics solutions provide excellent acoustics and uncompromising sound quality inside your vehicle. To eliminate noise and sounds in the engine compartment, transmission tunnel and bulkhead as well, you need perfect acoustic services. FoamPartner foams for acoustic solutions in vehicle construction meet all of your needs in reducing annoying noise levels according to your wishes, and they:

  • are low-emission
  • are thermoformable
  • can be laminated

Customer-specific and solution-oriented: the acoustic center
FoamPartner’s acoustic center offers you one-of-a-kind testing options and a wide range of expert knowledge – the service can be used by all FoamPartner customers. We work for and with you to develop possible solutions for acoustic insulations, and develop effective acoustic components that are tailored to your specific needs. We test power train elements, machines, modules and motor vehicles of all kinds. You benefit from the latest technologies and the highest standards. Measurement options:

  • (Selective) sound intensity measurement
  • 3 anechoic measurement chambers
  • 6-channel measuring system from Brüel & Kjaer
  • Air, structure and fluid-borne sound measurement
  • Artificial head recordings
  • Deflection shape analysis
  • Determining the equivalent absorption area
  • Determining the sound absorption level using an impedance tube or Alpha cabin
  • Fast Fourier Transformation analysis (up to 6400 lines, 25.6 kHz)
  • Mounted insulation measurement
  • Sound source localization
  • Waterfall analysis

Tailor-made comfort: in the vehicle
You can find details about tailor-made, creative conveniences based on your own ideas under Automotive RollsSystems and Living & Care.

Lightweight and safe: sealing solutions made from lightweight foam
For your applications made from foam that are “dense in function” and “light in assembly,” FoamPartner develops and produces fine-pored, reliable and low-emission materials that improve safety. Their most important features:

  • Compressible and easily workable
  • Low density
  • Low-emission and with minimal odor

E-Mobility: into the future with electric power
Whether it is for meeting climate goals or consumer wishes, e-mobility will be playing an increasingly important role in the next few years. The increased networking of electric means of transport will also present you with countless new prospects, opportunities and questions.

As a specialist in acoustic and thermal solutions and a system supplier, we work with you to face the challenges of electromobility. We are your partner and expert point of contact, and we are already working to find the best solution for your future requirements.

Lightweight and sturdy: headliners
The semi-rigid foams used in vehicle interiors are low-emission and lightweight. They are excellent for processing, which allows them to be used easily for developing customer-specific solutions that are especially tailored to your needs. A few other impressive properties of these foam products:

  • High inherent stability – keeps its shape
  • Optimal acoustic absorption behavior
  • Thermoformable

Professional and durable: polishing pads
Find the details under Specialties - Polishing pads.



  • acoustic & thermal insulations
  • aircon insulations
  • bottom insulations
  • floor insulation
  • primary insulations


  • absorber for engine design cover
  • absorber for side panel aggregates
  • acoustic air flow
  • acoustic fleece wheel arch & underbody
  • air channel insulations


  • acoustic & thermal insulations
  • air channelpipe & tube insulations
  • bottom insulations
  • motor room & engine sealing
  • pump insulations

Rail vehicles

  • acoustic & thermal insulations
  • air channel insulations
  • bottom insulations
  • sealing solutions
  • side panels



Agricultural vehicles


Cable cars

Heavy trucks


Mobile sleeping

Rail vehicles

Advantages & Customer Benefits

In the area of special impregnation, we are happy to give you our advice as experienced experts. Thanks to our extensive experience, we offer you high-tech foam solutions with the following properties:

  • Antistatic
  • Flame retardant
  • Hydrophobic
  • Minimal odor
  • Moisture-aging resistant
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Thermoformable

Our portfolio includes the following types of foam:

  • Aerospace acoustic foams (for instance primary and secondary insulations)
  • FVMSS-302 foams
  • Headliner foams
  • Lightweight and semi-rigid foams
  • Polyether foams
  • Prepolymer foams
  • Sealing foams
  • Vehicle acoustic foams

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