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Recticel - Engineered Foams

Industrial Solutions and Consumer & Medical Care

Since we’re now part of the Recticel family we can proudly offer an extended portfolio of solutions.

For use in industrial equipment, white goods, HVAC systems during metal processing or as packaging solutions, our engineered foams deliver tailored silencing, sealing, filtering and protecting attributes throughout the Industrial sector.
Our solutions for consumer goods and medical applications deliver specific carrying, filtering, supporting and protecting attributes for consumables, clothing & footwear, cleaning/sponges, surface treatment/polishing pads, infotainment/microphone windshields, and more.

Polyurethane Polishing Pads

Partner to the automotive industry: Polishing Pads for paint sealing – professional and versatile

As a polishing pad manufacturer, we serve as a specialized partner to the automotive industry. We deliver innovative products for paint finishing and post-treatment of freshly painted surfaces to polishing machine manufacturers.

We offer you a broad range of ready to use prepolymer polishing pads. Our first-class polishing pads provide the right geometry for any painted surface and for a wide range of polishing requirements. In comparison to common sheepskin applications, the polishing material can be adjusted individually to your needs, as polyurethane polishing pads compensate for uneven areas by smoothing the surface. Highly thermal and dimensionally stable polishing pads from FoamPartner are washable, reusable, and offer a long service life. In addition, they impress our customers with their outstanding tear and wear resistance.

We develop and manufacture customized polyurethane polishing pads and polishing discs used for professional paint and surface finishing. Many automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers and painting companies use polishing pads from FoamPartner in their professional surface finishing.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

Polyurethane Polishing Pads – Properties

  • Great reduction in impurities during the polishing process by avoiding common sheepskin applications
  • Reduction in hologram effects on painted surfaces
  • Maximum polishing efficiency through targeted customizability of the cell structure, tensile strength and the mass and shape of the polishing discs
  • Optimal durability and extended service life for polyurethane polishing pads
  • Reduced wear thanks to specialized foams with high wear resistance
  • Low heat production during the polishing process
  • Optimal polish absorption, reducing in less polish usage
  • Stability and safety factor: Additives in the polyurethane provide optimal resistance to factors like moisture and chemical substances

Technical Data

Polishing Pads made of Prepolymer Polyether PUR Foam

Product *Density Net
*Compression load
DIN EN ISO 3386-1
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Pores per inch
PPF 8 38 8,0 >340 >140 70
PPF 8 ret 37 5,5 >380 >180 70
V2 mittel 1 36 7,0 >100 >70 25
V2 mittel 2 36 5,8 >80 >60 17
V5 mittel 39 6,5 >170 >120 23
V8 fein 45 9,0 >400 >180 73
V8 fein ret 45 7,0 >450 >180 70
V8 mittel 1 40 8,0 >250 >120 45
V8 mittel 1 ret 40 8,0 >250 >150 45
V9 fein 46 10,0 >400 >150 60
V9 fein ret 46 10,0 >380 >150 60
V10 fein 39 >30,0 >500 >80 63
V10 fein ret 39 >20,0 >500 >150 63
V10 mittel 33 >40,0 >150 >15 23
V10 mittel ret 33 >25,0 >150 >15 25
V65 fein 48 6,5 >360 >350 73
V65 fein ret 44 4,5 >400 >300 73
V65 H 40 9,0 >300 >100 77
V65 H ret 40 8,0 >300 >150 77

* The indicated data refer to typical values and slight variations are in general within the specification.
Please consult your local sales representative at FoamPartner to obtain the actual product data sheet with the latest technical product details.

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