Living & Care – Sustainable with all comfort

There are many facets to sustainability, and we understand it to include the strengthening of health and wellbeing. As a leading manufacturer of comfort foams for sleeping systems, furniture and many other customer specific comfort products, we also pay close attention to sustainable production, maximum functionality and long service life in this sensitive segment.

Premium comfort foams with improved CO2 footprint

The products of our EvoPoreHRC® and EvoPoreVHRC family are convincing all along the line:

  • Conserving resources thanks to improved material efficiency and durability.
  • Innovative foam technology with 30 % less material used in production for excellent support with lower density; up to 40 % more climate resistant and more durable than mattresses of comparable volume weight.
  • Certified product safety according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Class 1. Foam without critical dyes, preservatives and heavy metals. Suitable for use in children’s articles and mattresses.
  • Sustainable logistics by saving transport volumes thanks to compressed material deliveries; short transport distances for major customers due to delivery from the nearest factory; direct dispatch to end users.

Medical Care – Health solutions in the medical field

Especially for hospitals and nursing homes, we offer mattress cores, foams for mattresses and pillows for people in need of care. The foams are manufactured in accordance with our high sustainability standards.

Mattresses with ViscoPore memory foam offer excellent pressure distribution and relief for the spine and are therefore ideal for decubitus prophylaxis. In combination with highly elastic EvoPoreHRC® or EvoPoreVHRC foams, the change of the sleeping and lying position is promoted, thus reducing the risk of bedsores.

For maximum cleanliness and hygiene, ViscoPore products are washable up to 60 °C / 140 °F.

Smart mattresses for healthier sleep

Restful sleep is an important prerequisite for a healthy life. Our novel mattress Tecciõ.science is made of multi dynamic foams combined with innovative hardware and software.

Dynamic changes of the mattress are controlled via a user friendly app to optimally manage the deep sleep and wake up phase.

Mattress Recycling – Every end has a beginning

In 2012 alone, 30 million mattresses (46,000 tonnes) and three times the volume of upholstered furniture were thrown away in the European Union. Only 40 % of this was thermally processed, the rest ended up in landfills.

We want to change that. For this reason, FoamPartner, as a member of Ebia and Europur, together with other mattress manufacturers, actively supports the working group for closed loop economy and mattress recycling. Together we are working to increase the proportion of recyclable mattresses and upholstered furniture from 40 % in 2012 to 65 % by 2035 to prevent further landfills and reduce existing ones.

Our Award for Sustainable Products

Look out for our solutions with the Ecovative label. Products that are awarded this label have a particularly sustainable and economic value. Our promise "Best in Foam - Sustainable through Innovation" is based on our sustainability principle PLANET, PEOPLE & PERFORMANCE. With this we create long-term added value for all stakeholders through high-performance solutions and real customer benefits.