Innovations made of Polyurethane - Top Function & Performance

To create revolutionary technologies, you need creative ideas, sound research and the constant compulsion to develop even better products. At FoamPartner, we think about tomorrow today.

The world is undergoing transitions which entail many changes. Due to climate change, it is necessary to create products that are low-emission and can be recycled or upcycled. With our foam solutions, superior performance meets sustainability - our goal is to intelligently adapt to new requirements and create products for tomorrow’s world today.

With the advent of e-mobility, new acoustic and thermal conditions await us where our PUR foams play a central role. As an automotive supplier, we can also help shape new aspects of vehicle design and comfort. In the future, consumers will generally be more health-conscious and place more value on their well-being - unthinkable without foam innovations. Thanks to FoamPartner, the "smart mattress" for example, is no longer just a future dream. 

Our Research Department and our Development Team work tirelessly on the latest innovations and new groundbreaking products. As drivers of innovation, we supply numerous industries with our clever foam solutions to jointly enrich the market with fresh concepts. Every day brings us a little closer to the future - and we are contributing to making it more comfortable and beautiful.

Sustainable Sponges with Cellulose-like Properties

Innovative household sponge as an alternative to cellulose – sustainable production, high durability & excellent cleaning behavior

Classic household sponges made of cellulose are derived from organic raw materials. The manufacturing and processing is done by chemical processes that are harmful to the environment and the final product does not have a long life.

Our sustainable CelluPlusTM sponge made from polyurethane foam is the ideal alternative. The synthetic sponge has the same properties as a cellulose sponge, but is significantly more resource-efficient in production.

Roof Greening for Better Ecology, Climate & Economy

Lightweight Green Roof Systems with Water Storage Mats of Polyurethane Foam

Roof areas represent a high proportion of the city's surface area, at around 30-50%. In this respect, green roofs can make a significant contribution to improving the urban climate. Green roofs act like settlement biotopes, which have a positive effect on rainwater management as well as on the air temperature in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore they have a positive influence on the CO2 balance, because they help save energy for heating and air conditioning systems. 

Sustainable Packaging through Resource-saving Foams

Packaging Solutions with Long-term Added Value

Sustainability is very important to us all. For that reason, sustainable economic management is of particular significance to FoamPartner. We create long-term added value and benefits for all interest groups – with regard to economic, environmental and societal aspects, and carry this out in our daily work with our company’s sustainability principle "People, Planet & Performance".

Acoustic & Thermal Insulation for Concept Car

FoamPartner helps Rinspeed drive autonomous e-mobility with advanced sound and thermal management solutions

The MetroSnap features a ‘Skateboard’ chassis and quick-change superstructures or ‘Pods’ for passenger and cargo transportation. It utilizes composite, steel and 3D printed components as well as advanced navigation and safety equipment, including lidar sensors and a drive-by-wire system. The interior design takes advantage of state-of-the-art materials engineering, including lightweighting insulation foam technology from FoamPartner.

Ether-based Prepolymer for innovative Headliners

Regular Surfaces, Soft-Touch Feel, and Improved Interior Climate for Vehicles

OboSky® is the solution for modern headliners: regular surfaces, soft-touch feel, and improved interior climate make for enthusiastic consumers. Automobile manufacturers benefit from simple processing, long service life, and efficient use of material.

FoamPartner has developed a new foam technology based on an ether-based prepolymer to meet the increased requirements in the automotive sector, and in particular for headliners. This new patented technology combines, so to speak, the advantages of ester-based polyurethane foams with the properties of ether-based materials.

Pioneering Sleep Technology & Sleep Optimization

The patented, innovative sleep solution Tecciō.science is based on the advanced development of multi-dynamic foams combined with hardware and software

It influences sleep through individually selectable, dynamic hardness changes. Controlled by an app, changes are very smooth and are made continuously. This forms the basis for the sleeping experience of the future.

Today, the goal is to deliver maximum performance in every life situation, and to optimize your own performance. This often results in burn-out caused by stress. To prevent this, restorative sleep is of great value, if not indeed of paramount importance. The rise in the use of sleep trackers such as smart watches, sensors, or apps demonstrates that consumers are becoming more aware of this issue. In fact, the innovative Tecciō.science sleep solution takes that one step further. Instead of simply monitoring sleep, it optimizes it for you.

Mobility Solutions for Tomorrow

FoamPartner collaborates with Rinspeed in the development of high-quality automotive interiors based on polyurethane foam

Our polyurethane foam specialist has partnered with Rinspeed, the renowned creative think tank and mobility lab for the automotive industry, to develop advanced concepts for the mobility of tomorrow. We support them with innovative foam technology for automotive interiors as well as acoustic and thermal insulation.


The best solution for your sealing needs in the vehicle industry

RegiSeal offers a permanent super-tight seal, has impressive hydrolysis stability and conserves resources.

RegiSealAqua is an innovative solution that was developed according to the highest automotive standards – such as DBL 5450 – and demonstrates outstanding sealing performance in U-tube tests. Durability, which is essential for every sealing application, is also guaranteed by RegiSealAqua’s high level of hydrolysis stability. Because of its extremely small cell structure, the system is also airtight and watertight.

When you use RegiSealAqua, you benefit from its exemplary functioning with low material consumption as well as significantly reduced compression. Despite the minimal compression, this lightweight product achieves excellent results. RegiSealAqua cuts material usage by 40 percent and is cost-effective, saving more than 50 percent of the usual cost.

Watertight – Cost-effective – Reliable – Hydrolysis stable – Durable – Low density – Meets the highest emission standards – Excellent climate resistance – High chemical resistance


Sustainable products for a better world

In one of FoamPartner’s latest unique sponge innovations, specific antimicrobial properties prevent unpleasant odors. The second sponge is impressive especially because it is even more sustainable –the foam and fleece as well as the packaging are made from recycled raw materials.

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