Mobility – focus on sustainable innovations

Topics such as health, safety, climate protection, resource conservation and material efficiency are a focus of attention in the automotive sector. Our focus is the improvement of air quality in the vehicle interior using lower emission components to safety standards in the area of fire and flame protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. The field of electromobility in particular is playing an increasingly important role. There is a demand for lighter components with greater functionality and improved performance at lower weight. Here, FoamPartner is working on sustainable, environmentally friendly, and resource saving products and developing innovative solutions.

Acoustically and thermally effective components for the mobility of tomorrow

Components for electric vehicles place new demands on automotive suppliers. Although electric vehicles need fewer parts, they must be produced efficiently and sustainably, ideally with multifunctional properties in the smallest possible space. Our specialists meet these challenges and develop innovative solutions for the mobility sector based on our RegiSeal® product family.

Less complexity due to new 2-in-1 component

RegiSeal® Acoustic SMS is a new spring-mass system which combines efficient acoustic and vibration solutions in a single lightweight component. It is used wherever structure borne and airborne noise have to be reduced. For example, in the dash inner encapsulation or in the gear shifter housing. The advantages are:

  • Sustainable product profile – resource conservation thanks to improved material efficiency and health benefits due to very low emission levels and low odor.
  • Less complexity – finished part with hybrid structure and multifunctional properties on the basis of a single material.
  • Lightweight solution – 50 % lighter than a conventional spring-mass system by switching from a heavy foil layer to an integrated, light weight flexible foam layer.
  • Cost attractive alternative – meets acoustic requirements while reducing costs compared to standard spring-mass systems.
  • OEM proven – performance profile tested in our own test center; the product has reached the production stage at well known OEMs.

Mileage range increase of electric cars

RegiSeal® e-Thermo is a new thermally effective component, which was specially developed for e-mobility. With convincing results:

  • Mileage range increase – increases the range by up to 5 % through improved insulation, thus less battery consumption*.
  • Lightweight solution – 50 % lighter than original car parts.
  • Benchmark test – the improved thermal performance was determined in a benchmark study; the theoretical results are now evaluated in a practical test under real conditions.

* (based on theoretical simulations for an A-class car with a range of 230 km.)

Practical test

In a BMW i3, various car components were installed in the interior, laminated with our innovative PUR foams and special textiles from Strähle & Hess. The acoustic and thermal performances were evaluated in practical tests under real road conditions. Initial measurements at a standstill show that the FoamPartner BMW i3 has up to 5 % more charging capacity after 4 hours than the comparable BMW i3 with standard equipment.

Foam rolls for automotive interior applications – Sustainable appearance

As a partner of the automotive industry, we develop foams for components in vehicle interiors that are characterized by optimized and low emission production. Their surface appearance and haptics with soft touch feeling are convincing and are used for headliners, vehicle seats and air conditioned seats, door panels and armrests.

Healthier air climate in the vehicle –
the OBoSky® product family

With OBoSky® we have created a new foam technology that combines the advantages of ester based polyurethane foams with the properties of ether based materials. The result is hydrolysis stable, low emission and low odor foams with an extremely homogeneous cell structure that can be processed optimally. They are characterized by significantly lower values for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and fogging (FOG).

OBoSky® proves how comprehensively we understand our sustainability approach and how we implement it in all areas:

  • PLANET – We improve material efficiency: thanks to prolonged durability and resource conservation through 50 % fewer adhesive seams.
  • PEOPLE – We create a healthier climate in the vehicle interior: by reducing emissions and odors.
  • PERFORMANCE – We save costs through efficient production: with optimized processing and functionality in line with the high performance requirements of the automotive industry.

From sustainable raw materials –
the OBoNatureTM product family

Our OBoNatureTM products for vehicle interiors are convincing in all areas. After all, here too, we act responsibly and sustainably, from production to processing, in a material efficient and resource saving manner. The results are low emission and low odor, flame retardant and easy to process perfectly tailored to their respective areas of application, and all based on renewable raw materials.

  • OBosky® Nature 3540 T for headliners
    The particularly fine pored foam meets the highest requirements. The optimized elongation at break and tensile strength makes it extremely elastic and allows good thermo-formability in critical radii. Its homogeneous cell structure and color ensures an optimum surface structure and appearance without an undesirable “orange peel” effect.
  • OBoTrim™ Nature 3540 T for vehicle interiors
    This foam has fewer fine pores and is particularly suitable for armrests and door panels. It provides good processing properties, good elongation at break and tensile strength as well as increased recovery properties after thermo-compression.
  • OboSeat® Nature 3540 T for seat applications
    This foam can be easily processed with good sewing characteristics and high seating comfort even with smaller pore size without effecting elongation at break and tensile strength.

Lightweight materials for electric and hybrid vehicles

For many areas in vehicle interiors, FoamPartner now offers more and more foams with lower density and in thinner layers. This reduces manufacturing costs and extends battery life and improves driving range. We also take into account the increased demands on materials with regard to their functionality and properties along with low emission and low odor solutions that are characterized by improved durability and optimized for faster processing options.

Polyurethane Systems – individual solutions for sustainable applications

Whether for acoustic elements, design covers or engine encapsulations – our innovative PUR systems are already being used in environmental friendly electric cars and vehicles with fuel cells.

No wonder, since many of our systems meet the highest fire protection regulations and requirements of authorities and OEMs, such as EN45545, UL 94-V0 or the long-term flammability test over 5-10 min according to PV3357.

Water-based PUR Systems – For more climate protection

By 2023, fluorocarbons in polyurethane applications will completely disappear from the European market, as they influence the climate, damage the earth’s atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Against this background, FoamPartner has developed environmentally friendly water blown foam systems without fluorocarbons. One example are integral foam systems from our OBoSonic® product group. These have been specially designed for acoustic applications and have impressive absorption properties.

PUR Systems Made – from renewable raw materials

With our environmentally friendly integral and flexible foam systems, up to 30 % of the polyol content can be replaced by special renewable raw materials that are not in conflict with the food value chain. We can offer such PUR systems for a variety of applications. For example, highly elastic ComfoPUR® flexible comfort foam systems for seats in the automotive, rail or aviation sector.

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  • Specialties – Sustainably efficient

    Sustainability - Performance

    As a leading manufacturer and converter of best-in-class foam solutions, we offer our customers a wide range of more than 200 specialty foams and tailor made solutions for the most diverse applications.

Our Award for Sustainable Products

Look out for our solutions with the Ecovative label. Products that are awarded this label have a particularly sustainable and economic value. Our promise "Best in Foam - Sustainable through Innovation" is based on our sustainability principle PLANET, PEOPLE & PERFORMANCE. With this we create long-term added value for all stakeholders through high-performance solutions and real customer benefits.