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WATERGEL is a foam with a fantastic open-celled structure that gives you a completely new sense of floating, along with a pleasant cooling effect.

The innovative WATERGEL foam just feels different. It molds harmoniously to your body and supports it in a relaxing way, as if you were floating on water. Its top-class breathability allows for optimal moisture regulation, which promotes pleasant, comfortable sleep. In addition, WATERGEL gives you a refreshing cooling feeling as you fall asleep and offers well-balanced climate regulation all night long.

WATERGEL is the ideal supplement to the revolutionary EvoPoreHRC mattress foam as well as ViscoPore. Floating comfort combined with good stability and outstanding support helps you get consistent, refreshing sleep.

Advantages & Customer Benefits

  • Active moisture transport
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-regulating
  • Refreshing cooling sensation
  • Supportive, floating comfort

The open-celled pore structure allows for optimal moisture regulation.

Quality is no accident, but the result of strictly defined specifications and high standards, which are fulfilled and ensured through comprehensive, ongoing controls.

You can find our certificates here.

WATERGEL smoothly molds to the curves of your body and supports it in a relaxing way, as if you were floating on water.

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