The Ultimate Sealing Foam

With SealPoreVibe, you receive an excellent sealing material with twofold sealing effects: its high compressive strength and especially good resilience make SealPoreVibe the ultimate sealing foam. The resilience of SealPoreVibe is guaranteed by its fine-pored structure and homogenous pore size, which captures fine particles such as dust and toner.

Because of its memory function, the sealing foam can adapt to all kinds of shapes. SealPoreVibe’s dynamic response also lets you reliably level out any unevenness or gaps. At the same time, it gives you outstanding results for vibration damping, and you can count on good adhesion behavior from the foam. SealPoreVibe is excellent for use with self-adhesive films, which guarantees you reliable, slip-proof use even under the most challenging conditions.


Acoustic & Thermal Solutions

  • Aircraft
  • Cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Window frames

Farming & Gardening

  • Agricultural and construction equipment

Machines & White Goods

  • Coffeemakers
  • Copiers
  • Mobile phones
  • Printers

Office Appliances

  • Cameras


  • Filling material


Dynamic and static applications

Even under challenging conditions, for instance constant vibration, SealPoreVibe foam products offer impressive performance. The outstanding barrier effect is just one of SealPoreVibe’s above-average properties that is not matched by any other material.





Electrical appliance


Enclosure manufacturers


Printer manufacturers



Ventilation and air conditioning

Advantages & Customer Benefits

  • Airtight because of the fine structure and homogeneous size of the pores
  • Adaptable because of the unusual memory function
  • Compressible thanks to fine-pored, extremely soft cells; in combination with the memory function, provides ideal form adaptation
  • Fine-pored because of the fine structure and homogeneous size of the pores
  • Leveling thanks to the sealing foam’s dynamic response
  • Slip-proof thanks to fine-pored cells
  • Vibration-damping due to outstanding dynamic responses by the foam

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